Who is the best batman actor

Christian Bale & Co .: Our Batman ranking

Who will win the battle for the best "Batman" actor of all time? The upcoming birthday child Christian Bale, Michael Keaton or rather Ben Affleck? This is our ranking!

On the occasion of the upcoming birthday of Hollywood star Christian Bale let's dedicate ourselves to one of his most grandiose acting performances - his Batman in Christopher Nolans "The Dark Knight" trilogy. But is his portrayal of the Dark Knight also the best of all time?

After all, the criminal-chasing bat has been running on our domestic cigarette boxes and screens for almost 80 years and has already been embodied by nine different actors. In addition, it will join soon Robert Pattinson add another candidate who is in Matt Reeves'The Batman“Will take the title role.

That's why we took a closer look at some of the Batman actors and put together a personal ranking for you.

Chronological order of the Batman actors

Adam West (1966)
Michael Keaton (1989, 1992)
Val Kilmer (1995)
George Clooney (1997)
Christian Bale (2005, 2008, 2012)
Ben Affleck (2016, 2017)

Our personal ranking of the Batman actors

6th place: George Clooney
5th place: Val Kilmer
4th place: Ben Affleck
3rd place: Adam West
2nd place: Michael Keaton
1st place: Christian Bale

6th place: George Clooney - The Batman joke

© Warner Bros.

In 1997, a “Batman” adaptation came into the cinemas, which die-hard bat fans will probably remember as the worst ever. We're talking about "Batman and Robin". The film was not just an absolute farce, but turned the gloomy Batman, who Val Kilmer and Michael Keaton established, into a real joke.

The victim here was definitely a Hollywood star George Clooneywho got the thankless task of making the Dark Knight the best. When the film flopped at the box office, he had to turn his head - "Batman and Robin" was supposed to be George Clooney's big breakthrough in mainstream cinema.

You have to admit that his Batman performance wasn't all bad. In fact, he made a pretty passable Bruce Wayne, but as soon as he had to change his costume, it unfortunately became unbearable, mainly due to the extremely bad jokes. We just say "Batnipple".

George Clooney still regrets the performance and is not afraid to apologize every now and then. His fellow actor Ben Affleck, who should impersonate Batman in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice", he even advised against accepting the role.

5th place: Val Kilmer - The written off Batman

© Warner Bros.

After this Michael Keaton Having given up his batsuit, the “Batman” franchise urgently needed an adequate replacement, which those responsible ultimately found in the actor Val Kilmer. He agreed, however, without having informed himself about the planned "Batman Forever" film beforehand, which in the end may also have been his fault.

Because although the film was a complete success at least at the box office, you can't get it from Val Kilmers Maintain performance. This must of course not be misunderstood, Kilmer gave a really solid performance by the black knight, but unfortunately he was not able to stand out enough from his other actors. Some critics even claimed that his Bruce Wayne was way too wooden.

We can only speculate about the reason for this, because according to his own statements, Kilmer really had a lot of fun with the other stars he met on the set of "Batman Forever". Perhaps it was due to the fact that the actor became more and more aware that Batman, for example, no longer plays such a big role in favor of the enemy. He was particularly aware of this as the major investor Warren Buffet came to film with his grandchildren and Kilmer was asked to wear his costume for it. But instead of throwing themselves straight at Kilmer's Batman, the kids were much more interested in the Batman props.

4th place: Ben Affleck - Batman as a sidekick

© Warner Bros.

Now let's move on to our most difficult candidate: actor Ben Affleck. In the ranks of "Batman" actors there is probably no one whose opinions are so divided. For some, his role as the black knight in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" was the best performance of his career, but this went alongside Henry Cavills Superman completely under. For the others, Ben Affleck was simply in a bad position from the start, as he always mimed slippery or arrogant characters in his other screen appearances, which means that his Batman hardly earned any sympathy points.

However, if we ignore personal dislikes, we have no choice but to admit that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. In "Dawn of Justice" he played second fiddle and could not reach his full potential. Also in the successor "Justice League“He was just a sidekick, in David Ayers "Suicide Squad" he even had only one cameo appearance and most recently he is said to be Batman in the "The Flash“Movie show. But there he may not be able to prove what Batman is in him, because Warner plans to present two Batman versions at the same time and the other version should be embodied by none other than Michael Keaton.

3rd place: Adam West - The charming Batman embodiment

© 20th Century Studios

When he was offered the role of Batman in a new television series in the 1960s after various roles in film and television, Adam West had no idea that this role would not only make him an icon, but also determine a large part of his life. The series comprised a total of 120 episodes between 1966 and 1968 as well as the film adaptation "Batman holds the world in breath", in which Adam West especially through his clever sayings to his protégé Robin became known.

The success of the series, which also continued internationally, made it difficult for Adam West to step out of the shadow of Batman. Despite his other engagements, he kept returning to the role of Batman, be it as a voice actor for cartoon series or simply as himself, because for most of his fans he is simply the embodiment of Batman in person.

The cartoon series “The Fairly OddParents", In which West embodies his aging self, who appears here under the name" Catman ", and the hit series"Family guy“In which West appears as the slightly crazy Mayor Adam West. The fact that West speaks both of these somewhat weird characters proves that the actor never took himself too seriously, and he already showed a certain sense of humor as Batman in the 60s.

2nd place: Michael Keaton - The surprising Batman

© Warner Bros.

Michael Keaton belongs next Adam West and Christian Bale definitely among the most memorable and best of Batman performers. However, not many shared this opinion. Still before Tim Burtons gloomy "Batman“-Adaptation started in the cinemas, it rained bitter criticism. Nobody could understand Burton's decision to have Michael Keaton chosen as the new Batman. The Warner Bros. studio received numerous letters of complaint, and even within its own ranks there were skeptics.

But the complaints were all unfounded, because as soon as Keaton stepped in front of the camera as a black knight, all doubts were blown away. His performance is one of the best to this day. For example, he wasn't just the first actor to choose to disguise his voice as soon as he slipped into his batsuit. Keaton also portrayed Batman for the first time as a gloomy, lonely, but nevertheless completely normal person who went on the hunt for criminals at night. The audience could identify with him and actors like Christian Bale were inspired by his performance.

In the meantime, Keaton can look back on two extremely successful films in which he appeared as the black knight and now, 30 years after his last "Batman" appearance, has the chance to take part in the planned "The Flash"Movie again to give Bruce Wayne.

1st place: Christian Bale - the muscleman Batman

© Warner Bros. / Universal Pictures

After "The Machinist", for the Christian Bale Had to lose 30 pounds, hardly anyone could have imagined this emaciated actor in the role of Batman. But the choice of producers and directors Christopher Nolan nevertheless fell on Bale, who was known as a character actor and fit exactly into the concept of the new Batman film series. The combination of Nolan and Bale was intended to give the films and the protagonist more depth and to tell the story of the Dark Knight in a more modern and realistic way.

After hard training and a change in diet, Christian Bale finally brought it to a remarkable 110 kg and thus became one of the most muscular Batmans, initially earning the nickname "Fatman" from his crew members.

But Bale has not only entered the Batman anal as a muscle-packed fighting machine, but also as a rather dark and torn personality, who troubles the childhood traumas and shapes his whole being. The plan of the producers worked, because "Batman Begins", "The Dark Knight" and "The Dark Knight Rises" are definitely among the most sophisticated, profound and outstanding films of the Batman franchise and show a Batman of a completely different kind.

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