Is the universe metamorphic

Daniel Strom - mystical magician of the watch industry

Designer, watchmaker, philosopher - with his company “Strom Prestige Swiss Timepieces SA” Daniel Strom goes his own way far away from the mainstream. His desire is to create new clocks that are more than an instrumentalization of the time display - individual pieces into which he interprets existential questions of humanity.

His watches want to be understood as a work of art for the wrist: Mystical dragons and skulls are charged with positive emotions and lose their morbid aftertaste, are far removed from traditional aesthetic rules of watch design and move in symbolic dimensions.

The "Agonium" line presented in 2010 is a successful symbiosis of goldsmithing and traditional Swiss watchmaking. The case was neither sanded nor punched, all details were cut into a mold, the case deburred, polished and blackened by hand. This is what Strom calls respectful handling of the materials silver, gold, platinum or palladium. In order to achieve a result that is similar to a sculpture, you not only need artistic talent, but also perfection in every hand movement of the finishing touches. The viewer's gaze wanders over the details of the housing sculpture, following curves, mystical patterns, dragons, vaults, crowns and even skulls form a symbolic universe in a metamorphic dimension.



Memento Mori - Carpe Diem, the first model in the Agonium collection. More than a watch, this model sees itself as a reflection of existential issues such as birth, life, death and rebirth. It challenges oneself to deal with one's own finitude. Because: death dances and takes the poor with it as well as the rich (Note: who can afford this watch). Life as a transition, no one can stop, cheat and challenge time. The skulls on the clock are not just an aesthetic facade, but a symbolic power. A reliable piece of conservative Swiss precision, an ETA 2824, works in the relief-like case. The dial incorporates design elements of two of the most famous watches, the Big Ben (London) and the Zytglogge (Bern). The dial, either "bone white" or black with 12 Roman numerals, remains reduced and factual: three pointers accompany the time - hours, minutes, seconds ...

The work of art is held on the arm with a strap made of alligator hornback black, the pin buckle is adorned with a skull made of solid silver, palladium or platinum. The watch is manufactured in limited series: 88 pieces made of solid silver 925 (CHF 9,999.00), 44 copies made of palladium (CHF19,999.00) 12 pieces made of palladium with diamonds (CHF 25,555.00) and 44 pieces made of red gold (CHF 27,555.00) or 12 platinum copies (price on request and according to the daily rate).

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