Can sunglasses make someone look younger?

Look younger: THESE 5 beauty tricks will cheat you away for 10 years

Looking younger doesn't always have to do with a bulging wallet or botox. Fortunately, there are now a whole range of clever beauty and make-up tricks that cleverly make us look younger. Here are five simple beauty secrets that you can learn from young looking women.

1. Cheers to the bangs

Do you want to look 10 years younger? Then you should think about a pony hairstyle. Nothing hides our worry lines on our foreheads better than our own hair. And especially with a chic bun or ponytail in the office, a pony looks like a little makeover.

Think a fringe doesn't suit you? Then start by taking the severity out of your hairstyle. For example, if you like to wear a braid, pull out a few fine strands of hair at the front and sides. Very strict hairstyles make us look serious, but they also make you older.

Here you can find out which pony hairstyle looks good on you:
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2. The right foundation makes you look younger

Of course, it's great when you've found make-up that perfectly matches your skin tone and that your skin tolerates well. But if you have been using the same foundation for five years, now is high time to dare to try a new product. The demands of our skin are changing rapidly - and not only our daily face cream but also our make-up have to meet them.

Foundations with an anti-aging effect are perfect. They smooth your skin in addition to your daily facial care routine. Make-up with an extra portion of gloss particles also makes the complexion look years younger. They scatter the incident light in all directions and thus act like a soft focus. An absolute no-go for wrinkles, on the other hand, is matting powder. A complexion without any shine makes the face look pale and older.

3. Nothing beats sunglasses

Sunglasses not only look stylish in summer, they also make us look much younger even in the mercilessly bright sunlight. Dark circles, wrinkles and the like simply disappear behind the glasses. Another plus point: Our sensitive skin around our eyes is also protected from UV rays and the formation of new wrinkles.

By the way: Even in the office, wear your normal glasses instead of contact lenses. Stylish glasses can act like a makeover for your look. Nice side effect: the glasses perfectly distract from tired eyes and hide wrinkles.

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3. Long hair makes you young

Do you think you have to say goodbye to your long hair as you get older? Nonsense! Long hair can look gorgeous at absolutely any age. But not only that: A full mane visually balances out narrow, distinctive facial features and makes the face appear much younger overall. By the way, gentle beach waves are excellent styling for longer hair. The soft waves bring movement into your hair and give you a dynamic, fresh look.

Tip: Do you shy away from long hair because the first gray or white hairs are noticeable? That is by no means a reason to cut everything short. Don't hesitate and dye your hair. Hair color has a huge impact on how young you look. Warm nuances and bright highlights are ideal for a younger look.

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4. Cream blush instead of powder

The fact that rosy, fresh cheeks make us look younger is actually old hat. Nevertheless, the amazing effect of a really good blush is quickly forgotten among the many contouring tricks with bronzers & Co. Of course, you can still use bronze powder to contour your face, but powder shouldn't completely replace blush. Bronze colors do not have a rejuvenating effect on the cheeks - but a creamy blush in delicate pink or peach tones.

Why creamy instead of a powder blush? Very simple: The creamy consistency immediately makes your cheeks look much fresher, similar to after applying moisturizer.

By the way: Creme-Rouge is the excellent companion for on the go. Put some color on the top of your cheekbones, then blend it down.

5. Show your colors in makeup

While we often experiment wildly in our teenage days, by the age of 30 and 40 we are much more confident about styling and make-up. We know which colors look good on us and which part of our face we prefer to emphasize. Keep doing! Do not let your age unsettle you and continue to dare to use bright colors. Over time, our complexion loses its radiance. Fresh colors, such as a red or rose-colored lipstick or eye shadow with shimmer particles, bring the glow back to you.

Tip: Not a fan of a lot of color in make-up? Then reach for colored statement jewelery, for example large earrings.

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