Which countries have left driving

Left-hand traffic: When driving on the "wrong side".

Most think spontaneously on the subject of "left-hand traffic" probably to Great Britain and Ireland or also to Australia. It can on some vacation trips occur in around 60 countries around the world is driven on the left. In which countries left-hand traffic can be expected and what is always important, you can find out in the following guide.

FAQ: Left-hand traffic

Can left-hand traffic play a role on vacation?

Yes, because in about 60 countries people drive on the left side. Left-hand traffic also prevails in popular holiday destinations such as Great Britain, Ireland, India, Japan and Australia. You can find more examples here.

Are there certain rules to be observed when driving on the left?

Yes, because even in countries with left-hand traffic, the right of way can apply to the left.

What is the reason for driving on the left?

There is no general explanation. Historically, left-hand traffic can be traced back to several factors and reasons. Read more about this here.

Further advice on the subject of "left-hand traffic"

Why is there left-hand traffic and where has it developed?

Is historical not exactly clarifiedwhy people drive on the left first in carriages and later also in cars. Already in the Ancient and Egypt the left side was more popular, at least when it came to marching. The Troops kept left. Why that was the case cannot be conclusively clarified. Theories saythat the right eye is more dominant in right-handed people and so the "Oncoming traffic" observed better can be.

Others assume that usually climbed from the left when riding and it was safer to be not in ongoing traffic to be located. That's still like that. It probably also played a role that guns were carried on the left by right-handers. It is also often assumed that horses were left to go with the for this reason right hand use the gun to be able to.

The french revolution as well as Napoleon, France and Europe switched to the right. The British Isles remained to this day excepted, most likely because they not conquered by Napoleon were. Most of the countries retained even after Napoleon's defeat right-hand traffic in Europe at.

Colonization through the different countries contributed decisively to which Direction in the colonies was driven. In some cases this also applies in today's traffic still. It is not surprising that many Left-hand driving countries formerly British or were English colonies and today often still belong to the Commonwealth.

So have on the French in their colonies Right-hand traffic introduced. The world wars also contributed to that in the occupied territories Right-hand traffic changed has been.

Where is left-hand traffic?

Which countries have today still left-hand traffic? The following overview includes some of the most popular examples as well as other regions where left becomes:

Left-hand traffic in Europe
Great Britain
- including the Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey crown holdings
Left-hand traffic worldwide
New Zealand
South Africa

Left-hand traffic: which rules are important?

Inexperienced drivers should practice driving on the left before participating in flowing traffic. Usually you can do this the parking spaces of the rental car companies be used. The Arrangement in a rental car is different and yet requires some rethinking, of drivers should be aware of this be. It is also recommended that the rental car has the Dimensions of the usual vehicle so that the change is not too big here.

Also can it will be helpful, in left-hand traffic one To have automatic transmission, because that's how drivers have to feel not on the unfamiliar switching Concentrate with your left hand, but concentrate entirely on the traffic itself. Are travelers traveling with your own car, it is important that the Headlights in advance to the left-hand trafficr can be adjusted. Otherwise dazzle oncoming traffic and pose a danger.

It is also important, among other things, that Plan the route in advance and to look at it in detail so that the "Navigation" factor plays a smaller role. In this way, you can also concentrate more on the actual left-hand traffic. Travelers should also take a close look the applicable right of way and Traffic rules, because often also applies to left-hand traffic right before left. Drivers do not pay attention, it will be dangerous. Roundabouts will then, however clockwise drive on.

Tip for pedestrians: Always first look to the right, because that's where the vehicles come from. Countries with left-hand traffic often have signs such as “Look right” or “Look left” at traffic lights or crossings.

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Left-hand traffic: When driving on the "wrong side".
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