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Protect yourself from fraud and reputational damage over the Internet

KBC internet insurance

Protect your payments

Victim of fraud or scams on the internet? We will refund you the amounts that have been fraudulently lost.

Protect your identity

Is someone stealing your personal data from you on the Internet? We will compensate you for the resulting financial loss.

Protect your reputation

Are you a victim of defamation and reputation damage on the Internet? A specialist will help you protect your reputation and prevent worse.

Why should you choose this insurance?

We are using the internet more and more. Unfortunately, people with less good intentions have also found their way there.
• According to the industry organization Febelfin, 12,432 Belgians were victims of such attacks in 2019. That's a sizeable 27.5 percent increase over 2018, when criminals managed to deceive 9,747 of our compatriots.
• Every month around 1,300 consumers in our country are not getting what they paid for or are getting nothing at all. Last year the economic inspection closed around 2,600 web shops.

With KBC Internet Insurance, we compensate financial losses due to Internet fraud if the damage incurred exceeds 100 euros. We will reimburse the damage in full up to a maximum of 10,000 euros per claim and per calendar year.
This insurance also covers the financial loss caused by identity theft via the Internet, up to a maximum of 5,000 euros per claim and per calendar year.

Do you become a victim of cyberbullying or is your reputation damaged over the Internet? If you have KBC internet insurance, an external specialist will help you to reduce the consequences of the damage. The insurance covers the fees of this service provider up to a maximum amount of 5,000 euros per claim and per calendar year.

Some examples of internet fraud:

  • You have booked a holiday home in Italy for the whole family online. Unfortunately, it turns out that the holiday home does not exist and the "landlord" has disappeared with your money.
  • You see an impressive 4K TV with an extremely high discount ... but the webshop turns out to be fake. You pay online, the payment is taken directly from your account, but the TV never ships.
  • You will receive an urgent email with "Your energy supplier" as the sender.
    It contains a reminder to pay your invoice. If you do not pay, so the announcement, the electricity will be cut off immediately. It turns out that this email didn't come from your energy supplier at all. But they paid straight away.
  • You will receive an email with congratulations. The reason? You won the lottery. But in order to receive your price, you first have to pay an administrative fee of 500 euros to a “notary”. You paid but did not receive a prize.

Some tips

  • Always update your operating system and security software to the latest version.
  • Never reveal your PIN or other bank codes over the phone, in an email, text message, or on social media. Pay particular attention to messages that claim to be a link to your bank's payment environment. Is the email address really your bank's? Check the url behind the link by hovering the mouse over the link without clicking. Is it a link to your bank's website or does it look weird? Think twice before clicking a link!
  • It is best to order from trustworthy webshops in Belgium and our neighboring countries. This way, you have a better chance of resolving any problems afterwards by email, by phone, or perhaps on site.
  • Pay only with a secure payment service and a secure internet connection. So avoid free or public WiFi for shopping.
  • Be on your guard if you see advertisements with unbelievable promotions or miracle products. To be too good to be true? Probably it is then too!

What can you expect?

On the Internet, the fraudsters present themselves as authorities, dealers or professional service providers. Using fake websites, fake titles and permits, or other tricks, they operate so-called e-scams or e-deceptions. Have you been the victim of such an e-scam? Then we will refund the amounts that you have wrongly paid with your KBC checking account.
Please note: We will only reimburse if the fraudsters are those who pretend to be a government agency, dealer or professional service provider from the European Union and if the payment was made to a bank account with an IBAN from the European Union.

In the case of another form of e-fraud, third parties can abuse your KBC current account and make online payments without your consent.
In many cases, KBC will then reimburse the amounts. KBC Internet Insurance can intervene for amounts that are not reimbursed.

What, among other things, is not insured?

  • Payments on auction websites and online marketplaces where private individuals sell products, e.g. used furniture, vintage clothing.
  • Scams with online investments in, for example, cryptocurrencies, diamonds, gold.
  • Fraud on the phone: crooks call and pretend to be Microsoft employees. In this way they try to steal your bank login details from you.
  • Dating website scams or gifts to "friends". By playing with your feelings, scammers are trying to steal your money.
  • Payments related to illegal practices or counterfeit products: payments for medicines, weapons, etc. are excluded. But even if you as a customer receive counterfeit goods even though you assumed you bought an authentic product, you will not receive a refund. After all, it is not a fake website.

2. Identity theft over the Internet

What can you expect?

Fraudsters sometimes manage to steal your identification or authentication information over the Internet. Personal data such as name, address, national register number, e-mail address, passwords, ... are misused online. If you have KBC internet insurance, we will compensate you for the financial loss you suffer as a result of such identity theft.

What, among other things, is not insured?

  • In the event of credit card misuse, you must first contact your credit card company.
  • Identity theft committed before you took out insurance, even if you only discover the damage afterwards.

3. Reputation damage over the Internet

What can you expect?

If someone accuses you of something online and insults you, we speak of defamation and defamation. In addition, sensitive or private information about you can be illegally published on the Internet, e.g. nude photos, videos, medical data.
Should this damage your reputation over the Internet, we will commission a specialized service provider. This person will advise you remotely and, if necessary, will take steps to try to prevent worse damage.

What, among other things, is not insured?

• Damage to your reputation that occurred before you took out this insurance.

The contribution for this insurance is 3 euros per month per account or 6 euros per month for all accounts of the entire family. What we mean by family is described in the insurance conditions. The contribution will be debited monthly from the KBC current account that you specified when you joined.

For 1 account you pay 36 euros a year (32.95 euros + 3.05 euros tax). This amount includes, among other things, acquisition costs (estimated at 11.34 euros) and administrative costs (estimated at 2.39 euros).

You pay 72 euros a year for all your family's accounts (65.90 euros + 6.10 euros tax). This amount includes, among other things, acquisition costs (estimated at EUR 22.67) and administrative costs (estimated at EUR 4.79).

Note that when comparing different insurance contracts, you should not only compare the estimated costs and fees of the policies, but also consider other elements such as the scope of coverage, the amount of any excess or the disclaimer.

The above amounts give a better idea of ​​the proportion of the premium that is used to cover the risk covered by the insurance contract. The balance of the premium after deduction of taxes as well as acquisition and administrative costs consists of that part of the premium that is used for the provision of the contractual services and the costs other than those mentioned above (including the combined and shared costs for damage and their Administration).

These estimates have been calculated on the basis of the insurance company's accounting data for the last financial year approved by the general meeting.

You should know that too

  • When reporting damage by email, do not include any sensitive information. Wait for KBC to contact you.
  • KBC Internet Insurance is an insurance against various financial losses.
  • This product is subject to Belgian law.
  • Each account holder can choose to take out KBC Internet Insurance at any time. The insurance can easily be canceled at any time.
  • If you have a complaint about the insurance conditions, you can contact your KBC bank branch or KBC Complaint Management, Brusselsesteenweg 100, 3000 Leuven, [email protected] you cannot find a suitable solution, you can contact the ombudsman for Insurance, de Meeûsplantsoen 35, 1000 Brussels,, which acts for the entire sector. You still retain the right to initiate legal proceedings at any time. With all other complaints you can contact [email protected], Tel. 016 43 25 94 and / or [email protected]
  • KBC Internet Insurance is a product from KBC Insurance Ltd, Professor Roger Van Overstraetenplein 2, 3000 Leuven, Belgium. VAT BE 0403.552.563 - RJP Leuven - IBAN BE43 7300 0420 0601 - BIC KREDBEBB.
    Company approved for all branches under code 0014 (K. E. July 4, 1979, B. S. July 14, 1979) by the National Bank of Belgium, de Berlaimontlaan 14, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.
    A KBC Group company.
  • This insurance was taken out by KBC Bank with KBC Insurance. To be able to take advantage of the insurance cover, you must have joined the insurance and paid the premium.

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