Can Saitama's blow destroy the earth

One Punch Man Theories Put To The Test!

While One-Punch Man is not exactly known for captivating its viewers with puzzling mysteries, there are some interesting fan theories about Saitama's monster hunt on the internet - we introduce them to you!

A yellow and white flash of lightning rushes through a world populated by monsters and heroes and manages to win every fight with just one blow - what Mangaka ONE began as a little scribble on his new graphics tablet grew into a franchise over the years , the thousands of fans around the world ecstatic.

And as it should be for a lively fandom, you don't just get busy shipped, drawn and written, but also properly pondered - about the OPM world and its supposed secrets and origins. Today we picked out two of these fan theories for you and tell you our assessment of whether there is something to the deductions or not!

The truth behind the punch

If you ask the bored-looking bald man Saitama himself why he decided to protect the people of Z-Stadt as a superhero, he will probably name the excitement that the fight against villains brought with it at the beginning. But he really only wanted himself snatch from the rut of an unemployed man or is there a deeper reason for this?

Reddit user DerRobag has thought about the topic and has come to the conclusion that Saitama is probably the Personification of the earth forces is. So in the future the planet will face an unprecedented threat and sees its only chance in bundling the power of all living beings in one overpowering individual - Saitama. That would also explain why so far very little is known about the laid-back superhero's past.

Because since the overwhelming power of the entire earthly life could not simply be put into his cradle, fate first had to ensure that he laboriously worked it out. The author sees a confirmation of his suspicions in the fact that Saitama never harms innocent living beings - because he would rebel against his own origin.
Maybe the heroes' association is also the Existence of a Savior with the power of the planet consciously and was so far only by stupid coincidences not able to find Saitama as such.

Although the past of the One-Punch Man is actually wrapped in a cloak of silence, the theory is really out of thin air - after all, much is known about almost nobody in the OPM world, as the story is more Value on what is happening in the here and now as a sophisticated backstory. The whole thing also sounds a bit far-fetched and too spaced out for ONEs, a story that has so far mostly been based on typical elements of superhero stories.

Is Genos Really a Cyborg?

Genos is an extremely strong hero and does not allow himself to be ripped off by many opponents, but he also has his limits: The young cyborg has already suffered many defeats and gave us a glimpse into the technological inside of its metallic body.

That made Tumblr user mister13eyond brood, because no matter how deep the injuries were, there was never a single one human organ, blood or the like to see. This could be an indication that Genos' body is not only partially, but possibly completely made up of technical components. According to this, Saitama's kind-hearted student would not be a cyborg, but a real robot.

Dr Kuseno may have planted the of his creation Memory of being a human being and his "salvation" in order to be able to better control him through his gratitude. Another theory would be that according to the scifi classic Ghost in the Shell, Genos ’brain is the only human thing about him and that Kuseno was able to somehow preserve his memories and transfer them to the new body. Quite scary considering that it could also be used to rummage freely through the hero's memories.

Although Dr. Kuseno has always seemed like a good person so far, this theory is a bit scary - it is impossible to imagine which unscrupulous crimes the Doctor could reprogram Genos, should he really be able to influence his thinking and his memories. Such a plot twist would definitely be an exciting basis for a new, exciting story arc ...

Now it's your turn!

Do you have any other interesting One Punch Man theories in store? And do you think there is an opponent who can hold a candle to Saitama?

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