How can I successfully learn organic chemistry

Theme: How to learn organic chemistry

Dear (prospective) medis,

I don't know what to do next and I'm slowly starting to get scared.
In less than two weeks I have to start my third attempt (my penultimate attempt) in a chemistry exam in which both inorganic and organic matter are the subject of the examination (neither multiple choice nor e-exam).

While inorganics is the smaller problem for me, which can be dealt with relatively easily with the help of old exams, I don't know what to do with organics. It starts with the fact that I cannot assess what is actually relevant for the exam (I only know that the easier types of tasks, such as determining hybridization or aromatics, are often no longer part of these so-called "combined exams"). In my desperation I fetch one book after the other on the organics from the shelf of the Medi-Bib, but never read through more than one chapter and break off because I'm unsure whether what I'm doing makes sense at all (with I don't mean whether I will ever need OC again in later life; it is clear to me that an assessment of the subjects according to this criterion makes no sense!).

What do you think is relevant to the exam in organics? What should you (in any case) be able to do? How can one best acquire this knowledge?

I am not asking for ultimate solutions that should help me to be ready for exams in the next few days, but I am looking for advice with which I can effectively prepare subjects such as OC (and later possibly also biochemistry) in the long term. That I will hopefully pass the exam in the next but one attempt at the latest.

Thanks in advance!

The stand-up man