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o2 Homespot: Internet for your home

Hans-Christian Dirscherl

o2 Homespot is easy to install and the alternative to an Internet connection via DSL or TV cable. As soon as you have booked online, you can start surfing. Laying cables without visiting a technician. An overview.

Enlargeo2 Homespot: Clever alternative for Internet at home without DSL or TV cable

That's why o2 Homespot with o2 My Home tariff

Internet access via DSL or TV cable, possibly also via fiber optic cable, is the norm in Germany (we ignore the rare and expensive possibility of Internet via satellite). But where neither copper / fiber optic cables nor a television cable are laid - for example in a new development area or in a remote location far from metropolitan areas - you do not necessarily have to do without powerful Internet access. Because in such cases LTE / 4G and increasingly also 5G can step into the breach. Telefonica / o2 offers such an exciting solution with the Homespot. Which is by no means just a stopgap. These homespot tariffs are available:

o2 My Home M for 19.99 euros per month, from the 13th month 29.99 euros per month

o2 My Home S for 14.99 euros per month, from the 13th month 24.99 euros per month

This is o2 Homespot

The o2 Homespot is internet access for at home via O2's LTE / 5G SIM card and a suitable router. o2 offers its home spot router as suitable hardware; But you have the choice and can also use a standard Fritz Box 6890LTE or a Huawei B528s-23a. So o2 does not put you on any shackles. In any case, it has to be a stationary LTE / 5G router connected to a permanent wired power connection.

You set up the Homespot router at a location in your apartment or house where LTE / 5G reception is particularly good. For example, behind a large glass window or near a balcony. From there, the homespot connects to the LTE / 4G network and, in the future, more and more often to the growing 5G network of Telefonica / o2. The homespot, in turn, sets up a WLAN network for your home. You can then surf the Internet quickly with your PCs, notebooks, smartphones, tablets, Xbox and Playstation and other WLAN-enabled devices. The Homespot Router even supports fast WLAN AC and enables telephony via LTE (VolTE).

EnlargeInternet for the whole family

The commissioning in a nutshell:

  • Insert SIM card in Homespot router

  • Connect the o2 Homespot Router to the socket

  • Surf with up to 50 Mbit / s.

The advantages over a router for DSL or TV cable:

  • Internet access is available immediately after booking and activation and receipt of the router and SIM card

  • Flexible installation in the apartment (independent of the telephone or cable socket in the wall)

  • There is no need to lay cables or a technician visit

  • Ideal for people who move frequently and want to use the Internet in their new place of residence as soon as possible

  • If DSL and / or TV cable connections only deliver poor speeds, Internet via homespot could enable a faster Internet connection.

Requirements and technical data

You cannot use the homespot anywhere you want. Just like with DSL or TV cable, you first have to do an availability check for the home spot. Because CO2 has to check whether coverage by the CO2 cellular network is guaranteed at the desired location.

EnlargeYou can enjoy internet anywhere in your home.

Tip:You can also consult the o2 network map for an initial overview of cellular coverage.

You cannot take the home spot with you. The home spot can therefore not be used in any number of locations, but is mandatory - just like a DSL or TV cable router - tied to a specific connection point / location.

o2 reduces the download speed at Homespot to a maximum of 100 Mbit / s in the downstream. This is well below the 225 Mbit / s that are theoretically possible in the O2 cellular network for smartphones. Not to mention the even faster 5G pace. But 50 Mbit / s is completely sufficient for video streaming and gaming at home. You can use it to work continuously in the home office just as easily.

Tip: Measure the bandwidth at the planned home spot location beforehand

Before you sign a Homespot contract, it is advisable to check the quality of the O2 cellular connection at the planned location. Ideally, you do this with a smartphone with an O2 SIM card. If necessary, ask neighbors who use o2 on their smartphones about their reception quality. Or ask friends and acquaintances who use o2 as their cell phone provider to come to your home and try out the quality of the cell phone connection on site.

Danger: Do not use the SIM card of an o2 cooperation partner such as Tchibo Mobil or Blau to test the reception quality. Because the full surfing speed of the original O2 card is not available via their SIM cards. You must therefore perform the test with a SIM card issued directly by o2.

Also install the Federal Network Agency's broadband measurement app for Android and iOS on your smartphone. Then start the app at the intended location for the home spot. If the measurement result meets your expectations, you can consider signing a Homespot contract.

EnlargeAlso suitable for the home office.

Quality of the o2 cellular network