How good is the AMR 2 rifle

The top weapons in Call of Duty: sniper rifles

Today we show the best for the really long distance

We already have assault rifles in our series, MPs, Shotguns, LMGs and DMRs treated. Now we come to the kings of great distance: the sniper rifles.

The selection in the class of sniper rifles is not particularly difficult, as there are only three different ones. In Modern Warfare they are usually always outpaced by other weapons, since most maps do not offer really long distances and so, even if you want to snipe, a DMR is usually faster. In Warzone however, the sniper rifles can show their strengths to the full.

The top sniper rifles

Sniper rifles are very large and therefore have poor mobility. Except for the Dragunov, they also have an extremely low rate of fire and the time to aim is usually quite high. Their advantage lies in their long range and extreme damage, which makes them a top choice, especially in Warzone. Because here you fight over great distances and opponents can take more. If you play it as your only primary weapon, you should definitely get used to a more passive style of play.

4th place: Dragunov

Our fourth place is occupied by the Dragunov. As so often before, it is an exception in its class because it is a semi-automatic rifle.

The Dragunov is available from level 1 and is a semi-automatic sniper rifle. The damage is significantly lower than with the other representatives of the class, which is why it often takes more than one shot to take out an opponent. Like most DMRs, it should only need one hit on the upper body and head, but unfortunately you cannot always rely on that. In order to take advantage of the rather high rate of fire and avoid hit markers, we recommend aggressively using the Dragunov for quick-scanning:

  • Barrel: Compact 510mm barrel
  • Laser: Tactical laser
  • Stock: FTAC Stalker-Scout
  • Ammunition: 15-round magazine
  • Extra: focus

These attachments significantly improve the time it takes to aim, which makes the weapon a quick-scope monster. The run also increases our speed of movement and the laser increases our stability. The extra focus enables us to aim well even under fire. A 15-round magazine is not a must, but it gives us more time until the next reload. With this setup you are extremely mobile for a sniper and can do oneshot kills relatively reliably, as you tend to fight at shorter distances.

This quick-scope build, however, takes practice and you have to like the style of play. This is not a typical sniper build.

3rd place: AX-50

The AX-50 and the HDR have very similar values, which is why this is also about personal preferences. We have here but for that AX-50 as our 3rd place.

The AX-50 is unlocked at level 37 and is a Bolt action rifle. Since you have to repeat after each shot, the rate of fire is significantly lower than that of the Dragunov. The AX-50 makes up for this in damage and range. With this sniper rifle every hit is a kill. Since most maps in the multiplayer of Modern Warfare do not offer too great distances, DMRs or semi-automatic rifles have a clear advantage here - the reasons are their higher fire rates and better mobility. That's why we advise improving the AX-50's strengths, which makes it a beast in warzone or ground warfare:

  • Muzzle: silencer (monolith)
  • Run: 32 "factory run
  • Sight: Riflescope (Thermal)
  • Stock: Singuard Arms marksman
  • Ammunition: 9-round magazine

These attachments further increase the range of the weapon and the precision. The silencer also prevents your own position from being revealed when firing. As a visor, we opt for that here Thermal visorthat makes it easier to track down enemies, especially in Warzone. If you don't need that, you can choose any other visor. The larger magazine can also be discussed. Since opponents in Warzone can withstand more and battles can therefore take longer, the larger magazine increases our chances.

The AX-50 is particularly suitable for long-range fights, which is why we recommend a more defensive style of play. In multiplayer, this setup can kill any opponent with one hit and even in Warzone a head hit is enough to down the player.


2nd place: Rytec AMR

The newest weapon in the sniper rifle class makes it straight to the 2nd place with us Rytec AMR is particularly interesting because it combines high damage with semi-automatic fire mode.

The Rytec AMR was added with the Season 4 Reloaded Update and can only be purchased in a bundle or unlocked through a challenge. Must for the challenge Three quick scope kills each with a sniper or DMR in 15 different matches be made. And you already have one of the craziest weapons in Call of Duty: a semi-automatic .50 caliber rifle with explosive ammunition. Yes, exactly, the sniper can fire mini-missiles, so to speak.

  • Muzzle: Rytec AMR silencer
  • Run: FTAC Seven Straight
  • Visor: Cronen C480 Pro visor
  • Shaft: XRK Mastodon
  • Ammunition: 25x59mm exploratory projectiles

This setup is especially optimized for Warzone. The silencer is the counterpart to the monolith silencer and increases your range. The FTAC Seven Straigth Barrel increases range, bullet speed and recoil control. The shaft gives more target stability and the visor increases the speed when aiming and does not give you away through reflections, as it only has a 3x magnification. But the most interesting are those 25x59mm explosive projectiles. With this ammunition you can shoot small rockets and you can take on vehicles - after four hits you have switched off a jeep, for example. Even if the weapon is semi-automatic, it still has a fairly high recoil, so you cannot fire through targeted, you have to aim again after a shot. The bulletdrop is also very high on the Rytec AMR, which is why the ballistic curve has to be taken into account, especially over long distances.

If you want to take full advantage of the semi-automatic fire mode or prefer to play multiplayer, you should definitely use the XRK Harbinger run take with you, which almost completely eliminates recoil. Since it also blocks the muzzle attachment, it is best to combine it with the Tactical laser and you have an absolute one-shot monster.

Try it out, we guarantee you will have a lot of fun.

1st place: HDR

After all, in first place we have the HDR. As previously announced, it is very similar to the AX-50, but it beats it over long distances. The Rytec can also outdo it in terms of distance, which is why it is still the best sniper rifle for us in Warzone.

The HDR is unlocked at level 11 and is like the AX-50 one Bolt action rifle. Its rate of fire is even a little slower than that of the AX-50. But it has even more range and, what makes it particularly interesting, less bulletdrop. Even over long distances you hardly have to hold up with the HDR, you hit exactly where you aimed. Its penetrating power should not be neglected either, as it can deal a lot of damage even through obstacles. Here, too, we advise you to further develop your strengths:

  • Barrel: 26.9 "HDR Pro
  • Sight: Riflescope (Thermal)
  • Stock: FTAC Champion
  • Ammunition: 7-round magazine
  • Extra: education

With these attachments, the HDR has an extreme range and precision. To show something different, we have the extra here enlightenment chosen - with which the names of opponents can be seen over greater distances. But this can be done against the at any time if necessary Monolith silencer be exchanged, which gives even more reach and does not reveal one's own position. The same applies to the visor as to the AX-50, Thermal helps track enemies, but is not a must. We also choose the larger magazine so that we can stay longer in combat before we have to reload.

The HDR is one of the most powerful weapons, especially in Warzone. Their immense range and precision, paired with almost no bulletdrop and extremely high damage, let you take out opponents before they even know what happened. Like the AX-50, the HDR can knock down fully armored enemies in Warzone with a single head hit.

These were the best or only sniper rifles in Call of Duty. If you like to fight your way through Warzone, you should make friends with one of them and you will also find our tips on the best loadouts here. Everything else about Call of Duty updates, tournaments and much more can be found on EarlyGame.