A dentist is a dentist

How often to the dentist?

Even if you wear a full denture, you should visit the dentist regularly. He checks the function of the prosthesis and recognizes at an early stage if the oral mucosa is diseased.

The bonus booklet

Those who consistently care for their teeth and regularly go to their dentist for preventive checkups will be rewarded with a bonus. The subsidy for dentures from TK is then a few percentage points higher.


Your dentist confirms the examination in the bonus booklet for dental health examinations. At least one examination per calendar year is considered to be regular, even with full denture wearers.

Children and adolescents

Children from the age of six are even entitled to two medical check-ups a year up to their 18th birthday - one every six months. There must be an interval of four months between two examinations.

In order to receive a bonus later, children from the age of twelve must have a preventive check-up every six months. The dentist enters the examinations in the bonus booklet. The bonus booklet is available in every dental practice.

Confirmation of the check-ups

The dentist can subsequently confirm appointments that you have attended with him in the bonus booklet. Before changing dentists, it is advisable to fill out the bonus booklet completely and have it stamped. If you need a replacement, contact your dentist.

Further information on the Zahn bonus booklet