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Sniffy nose, puffy eyes, constant urge to sneeze, asthma - for those who are allergic to house dust, life in their own four walls can turn into hell. Because while pollen allergy sufferers can flee home from the allergens, house dust allergy sufferers have to learn to live with the allergy triggers for better or worse.

What is a house dust allergy anyway?

Strictly speaking, those affected are not allergic to the dust itself, but to theDust mite excretions. They are in every household, especiallyin the carpet, in the sofa, in upholstery, pillows, curtains and mattresses. This is no problem at all for non-allergy sufferers. But house dust allergy sufferers develop symptoms such asitchy eyes, difficulty breathing or evenskin rashas soon as they get home.

It is all the more important to make your own living space as allergen-free as possible. Since dust mites can be found in mattresses and bedding, especially in the bedroom, there are allergy-friendly alternatives that give mites little room to multiply.Mattresses, bed linenand Pillows for allergy sufferers help to be able to sleep through the night at least in bed. The following applies in the other living spaces:brush frequently andwipe the dust and if possible avoid dust catchers such as carpets, curtains or upholstered furniture. The better choice is oneLeather couch or synthetic leather that can be cleaned quickly.

Here you will find some aids that should not be missing in any allergy household.

Mite protection for the pillow

House dust allergy sufferers should consider theirsChange bed linen more often. In particular, the pillowcase that is closest to the face and therefore the nose and eyes must be as allergen-free as possible for a good night's sleep. Suitable for thisspecial encasings as a mite protection, soProtective covers for mattresses, duvets and pillows. Encasings are used as an intermediate layer and pulled directly over the pillow. The actual pillowcase of the bed linen is then placed on top of this. The mite protection cover prevents the excrement and larvae from getting out of the pillow, and nothing from the outside gets into the inside of the pillow. For allergy sufferers, encasings are a real relief so that they can breathe freely through their nose at night.

The anti-mite pillowcase from allsana canCan be washed at 95 degrees. Forjust under 10 euros It is worth buying at least two covers that can be used alternately and boiled regularly.

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Duvet encasing

TheDuvet also offers a lot of space for the unloved and pathogenic mite excretions. In addition to the pillow, the blanket should therefore also be wrapped in a mite-repellent encasing. The allsana duvet cover isTÜV tested and guaranteed suitable for allergy sufferers. Even the zippers arecloses mite-proof. In addition, the uncoated mix of polyester and polyamide does not rustle and promises pleasant sleeping comfort. So that the body does not work up a sweat too much, is abreathable material particularly important.

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In addition to the pillow and duvet there is aMite protection mattress cover recommended so that the body is shielded from the annoying allergens on all sides in bed.

Black seed oil

A tried and tested home remedy for house dust allergies is black seed oil. The pressed black cumin seeds have onemillennia-old tradition and are said to be effective against various health problems. Among other things, black seed oil can strengthen the immune system if taken regularly. The positive effect on asthma has even been proven in studies. Black seed oil is rich inessential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. When choosing an oil, the quality is important: it shouldhigh quality, pure andcold-pressed be.

Black seed oil is also in for easier useCapsule shape available, for example from GloryFeel. The 420 capsules for just under 19 euros last about seven months.

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Anti-mite spray

Despite thorough cleaning of the apartment and regular vacuuming of upholstery and mattresses, there are still remains of larvae and mite excrement. Here can be aMites spray minimize allergen exposure and protect against re-infestation for up to twelve weeks. The anti-mite spray from Patronus isodorlessdoes not leave any stains and isbiodegradable. Even allergy sufferers with severe symptoms have had good experiences with the spray and report oneImprovement in allergy symptoms.

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General tips on how to reduce the number of mites in the bedroom:Ventilation Use the spaces extensivelyspecial mite covers andto wash You textiles like bed sheets and sheets are bestweekly