Why are we trapped in our thoughts

Think positively: 5 tricks for countering negative thoughts

For many people, the current crisis situation is damaging to the substance. Whether it's the lack of social contact, uncertainty about the future, worries about family members or the fear of infection: Corona brings a lot of potentially negative thought material with it.

But even regardless of the crisis, we sometimes have self-doubts and drag us down. The problem: we often intensify ourselves into negative thoughts and brood over a topic until we are downright caught in a spiral of thoughts. So that the mood doesn't get out of hand in the first place, we should recognize our negative thoughts at an early stage and learn to classify them.

However, that's easier said than done. If we are in a bad mood, have doubts or fears, these are not always so easy to grasp. We'll reveal 5 tricks you can use to escape the negative spiral of thought.

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We have so many negative thoughts every day

According to studies, we have between 12,000 and 60,000 thoughts a day - a lot, well! The frightening thing about it: About 80 percent of them are negative on average. We also repeat 95 percent of our daily thoughts continuously. Sounds shocking, but it also shows that it is perfectly normal to have negative thoughts.

In terms of evolutionary biology, this has partly meaningful backgrounds: We assess dangers better, take dangerous things seriously, spur us on to higher performance, question information and develop ourselves further.

Nevertheless: The line between meaningful, constructive negative thoughts and those that pull us down and devalue our self-confidence is often vague. We tend to be more critical of ourselves and to dramatize things. From a certain extent onwards, this has negative consequences for our organism.

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5 tricks against negative thoughts

These 5 mental tricks will help you to eliminate your negative thoughts and free yourself from thought spirals:

  1. We actually think something all the time - only that often happens automatically. When brushing our teeth or cooking, sometimes we don't really listen. Therefore: Question your thoughts and be aware of what is actually going on in your head. You can only take action against negative thoughts if you are actively aware of them. If these are constantly floating around unnoticed in our head, they sneak unnoticed into our subconscious.
  2. This principle is centuries old, but it is still justified. Write down your negative thoughts! This can be a diary entry, or simply a sticky note that you scribble on for a moment. It's not about creating a great text, but rather getting rid of the ballast. Tip: If you set yourself a timer of 5 minutes, you won't lose yourself so much in this exercise. After that you will feel lighter!
  3. Get away from your own thoughts. In the following way: Negative mental cinema is now and then completely normal and cannot be prevented at all. It is only important that you recognize this and distance yourself from it. For example, if you are thinking, "I'm not pretty enough," actively phrase that thought around something like, "I just think I'm not pretty enough." What does that bring? Even if the two sentences hardly differ from each other on the surface. The former implies a fact - as if it were a fact. In the second sentence it becomes much clearer that it is a question of a subjective feeling of yours, which in no way corresponds to the truth. This change of perspective will definitely make a difference!
  4. Just as we are currently exposing fake news, we should also question our thoughts. Is that even true what I am thinking? What objective evidence is there for this negative thought? Sometimes this can help you realize that you are brooding over something completely unfounded.
  5. The power of thought is not to be underestimated. Anyone who thinks about it every day and focuses on their weaknesses will feel negative effects on their self-confidence and overall charisma. Even if it seems silly to you or you can't think of so much at first: Prepare counter-arguments to your negative thoughts. For example, if you have doubts about your professional project and think “I will definitely fail”, ask yourself in return “Which situations have I already mastered all of them well?” And focus on what you have already achieved.

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