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1st round: What do I want to be when I grow up? - Thalheim in the Ore Mountains

1st round: What do I want to be when I grow up?

The motto was "What do I want to be when I grow up?"

We have been able to marvel at many great pictures in the last few days and are very excited about the various career aspirations. Of course we don't want to withhold that from you. Click through the gallery and be amazed. We have raffled 3 prizes among all submissions:

  • Luise (10 years) wants to become a pharmacist
  • Romeo (9 years) wants to become a landscape gardener
  • Tim (9 years) and Hanna (5 years) want to become carpenters.

Lena Marie received the special prize for the picture with the most “likes” on Facebook with an unbelievable 198 likes. She is 11 years old and would like to become a seamstress.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the sports and book shop for sponsoring the prizes! 🎁 Everyone who wasn't lucky this time doesn't have to be sad because of that: The new painting competition is under the motto “My favorite animal”. All painted and crafted works can be submitted to the town hall by April 30, 2020 at 3 p.m.
SB culture
Hauptstrasse 5
09380 Thalheim / Erzgeb.

Those who are curious now can marvel at the small works of art in Untere Bahnhofstrasse 12 from April 7th (until May 10th). These are then displayed in the shop windows.

  • Anna Luisa, 6 years old, singer

  • Anny, 6 years old, ice cream seller

    ... or operator of a campsite with horses.

  • Carolin, 9 years old, advertising photographer

  • Dominik, 9 years old, inventor and policeman

  • Emilio, 6 years old, policeman

  • Fabienne, 7 years old, animal keeper

  • Helene, 5 years old, flower maker

  • Käthe, 6 years old, a nurse

  • Lea, 4 years, as strong and brave as Elsa

  • Lena Marie, 11 years old, seamstress

    Winner picture: Most of the “Likes” on Facebook.

  • Leonie, 6 years old, rider

  • Linus, 7 years old, deep sea researcher

  • Ludwig, 9 years old, cook

  • Luise, 6 years old, pilot

  • Luise, 10 years old, pharmacist

    Winner picture

  • Martha, 10 years old, photographer

  • Mira, 4 years old, inventor of sugar-free sweets

  • Nele, 9 years old, baker

  • Niclas, 9 years old, footballer

  • Nina, 4 years, princess

    ... with a so-called "unicorn horse".

  • Romeo, 9 years old, landscape gardener

    Winner picture

  • Sarah, 10 years old, show jumper

  • Tim, 7 years old, firefighter

  • Tim and Hanna, 9 and 5 years old, carpenter

    Winner tinkering

  • Vincent, 6 years old, police officer