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Brain freeze: That's why we get headaches when it's cold

On warm summer days, nothing beats a big ice cream or a lemonade with ice cubes. But as soon as the nice feeling of refreshment sets in, an ugly one follows: the cold headache, also called brain freeze. We explain how and why it is created

Many people are familiar with this pain in the head, which lasts only a few seconds but is uncomfortably sharp. If we take a cold drink or ice cream, we often feel the so-called a few seconds later Cold headache.

In fact, this pain behind the forehead feels as if the brain were to freeze for a short time - in English this phenomenon is aptly known as "brain freeze".

The good news first: Even if the feeling is very uncomfortable, it is not questionable. The cold headache is a normal reaction of the human body.

The brain freeze is a protective reflex

The cold headache is triggered by a sudden cold in the mouth and is a natural protective mechanism of the body.

If we drink ice or very cold drinks, they transmit the cold stimulus to the blood vessels of the throat and palate. At this moment, our blood vessels automatically contract to prevent a loss of body temperature.

At the same time, blood is pumped into the brain to compensate for the cold. This creates a rapid flow of blood, which increases the pressure in the blood vessels. This causes a sharp pain in the forehead area - the cold headache.

How to avoid the brain freeze

To prevent the cold headache, as little cold as possible should be touch the palate. For example, when eating ice cream, turn the spoon over so that it is between the ice cream and the roof of your mouth when you insert it into your mouth. In addition, the ice should only be swallowed when it is warmed up by the tongue and melted in the mouth.

With cold drinks, people who tend to have cold headaches should avoid ice cubes in the glass. Chilled drinks from the refrigerator are also a nice refreshment in summer! Your own tongue can help as first aid against cerebral freeze. Place this on the roof of your mouth, this will speed up the fading of the stinging.

Also a warm drink can help to accelerate regeneration and to make the feeling of coldness in the mouth disappear. On the other hand, you should refrain from using painkillers.

In case you don't know what brain forest feels like: here is a video to empathize