How can I change my industry

How will the cloud change the PC industry?

You probably already know a lot the cloud heard - somehow, anything. And you probably nod when you hear the question: “What is the cloud anyway?” We understand that. The cloud has become a buzzword (like “synergy” in 2015 :)). To be honest, the cloud is already having a number of effects today. Most likely the cloud affects at least one aspect of your life, but you are probably not even aware of it.

Let's quickly clarify something about the cloud so that we are all on the same page. Cloud computing Means the process of storing data and accessing it (and programs) over the Internet instead of using your computer's hard drive. Ultimately, “cloud” is just a phrase for “internet”. And what does that have to do with you? We'll discuss that based on the implications of removing your local hardware restrictions and the PC industry change drastically.

How it works

The best way to get a better understanding of how the cloud works is to look at its two halves: front-end and back-end. These two parts are connected via a network (in most cases this is the Internet). The front end is what you would call a “client” - the computer user. The back end is the “cloud” part of the system.

The front end includes the customer's computer, the computer network and the application through which the computer connects to the cloud.

The back end consists of various computers, servers and data storage systems that together form "the cloud". In theory, any computer program (e.g. video games) could run on a cloud computing system - usually each with its own dedicated server.

What defines the power of cloud computing

Once a stable data center with servers is in place, providing its computing power is crucial - and incidentally, the tricky part. A technique known as server virtualization modifies a physical server to make it believe it is made up of multiple servers with independent operating systems. This method enables the sustainable use of the cloud by several customers at the same time.

PC industry

When you talk about PCs, you mean a specific computing power, determined by the local hardware (your local CPU, RAM equipment, hard drive, graphics card, etc.). For a powerful PC you need correspondingly strong components. However, all of these components can be quite expensive. And then you have to consider the most important aspect: the digital aging

The rate at which PCs become obsolete is growing rapidly, with some hardware components becoming obsolete within a year. Above all, this has to do with the fact that the programs are increasing in performance enormously today. Games, editing software, design tools, etc. The speed at which the programs improve is phenomenal. It is a great thing that the performance of these products increases. The problem is that the hardware can't keep up and it's really expensive to replace. This is what it looks like. Or better said: So saw it off. The cloud provides the solution that the PC industry needs.

Cloud: a new perspective on the PC

With the increasing entry barrier in the PC industry, the question is: “Who wants to spend over 2000 euros on a PC?” The answer was: “Not many”. Gamers make up a large proportion of the users of high-performance PCs. Because without a powerful PC can you don't really play. Then the question arises: “What if I just want to try gaming? What if I want to try editing or designing? "The answer? That doesn't work. To be more precise: It went Not. The cloud has changed that.

The cloud gives you the ability to use all the computing power you need in a data center and simply stream it to your device. Okay, that might sound a little confusing (or extremely confusing). Basically, you don't use your own PC hardware, but hardware from outside is connected to your device via the Internet. Pretty cool right? What does it mean exactly? Let's look at the two biggest problems and how the cloud can solve them:

  • Acquisition cost: Because you don't need your own hardware, but instead use powerful, centralized hardware, you can use a powerful 2000 euro PC for a fraction of the cost.
  • Digital aging: Since you only stream the computing power of the hardware, the components you use can easily be exchanged for stronger ones.

In theory, the cloud offers the perfect solution for the biggest user problem in the PC industry. Is there already a solution that makes use of these possibilities? Yes, there actually is (finally we can draw the subject on ourselves - cleverly designed, right?).


Oh hello how are you? We are Shadow(If he causes you emotional pain, we apologize for the joke.) In fact, we do all of what we mentioned above. We use the cloud to stream a complete, extremely powerful, always up-to-date computer to one device. We don't expect you to spend thousands of dollars trying out a powerful computer. That would not be effective. So we thought, “What if you could use cloud technology to get a powerful PC, but at a fraction of the cost?” And that's exactly how we did it (we're making that sound super easy now, because it was actually extremely difficult to develop such a technology - many thanks to our incredibly talented developers, by the way).

We provide you with all high-performance PC components and you only pay for their use. And voilà, you are now streaming a Super PC to your old device. You can even stream a PC to your mobile device. Yes, really: a PC on your phone. Pretty crazy, that.

You don't believe us Check out a satisfied shadower:

No, not exactly ... But what is certain is that you can do what you want with the PC. Because that's what makes Shadow: Stream Freedom. We do not limit you. We're not pushing you to do something completely new. Everything we give you is performance. The powerful computer you need, with which you can do what you want. Check your huge email inbox. Edit the videos for your new YouTube channel. Play the games that you previously had to do without, now with high-end graphics settings. Learn to program games on the Unreal engine. Or just watch movies for a whole day. Or so. We're only here to help you with anything by giving you all the capabilities of the cloud. :)

Significance for the future

As much of the spending on applications goes into service-based applications (including cloud computing), the cloud computing market is growing very rapidly. Cloud computing is powerful, expansive, and will continue to grow and offer a lot of advantages in the future. So what does this mean for the future?

Cloud computing is extremely cost effective and companies can use it to grow. This can range from simplified storage capacity to improved data analysis. It is assumed that the majority of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) processes will be cloud-based in the future. The coming ways for companies to interact with their customers will likely be cloud-based.

In addition, the cloud can reduce the need for individual, local hardware and thus change access to higher-quality PC applications, including games. The cloud could put everything a PC has to offer in the hands of everyone. A real revolution.

Are you looking forward to the start? We know you do. Would you like to find out more? We have everything you want to know

We look forward to presenting you the solution for all your PC-related needs!