Dundee Scotland has a tube station

Corrour Station - the Scottish train station in the middle of nowhere

Bog, mountains and a train station - Corrour Station is one of the most remote train stations in Great Britain. Here beautiful and cruel take place.

The diesel train is a bit tormented here. Because from the Rannoch station there is a long way uphill before the Corrour station appears. At 408 meters, it is the highest railway station in Great Britain.

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And it is certainly the loneliest. Because apart from the station buildings there is nothing here. Well, nothing but a tremendous nature. Impressive mountains, lakes and moor surround the railroad tracks.

The loneliness, the nature, the railway romance - that makes the station in the nowhere attractive. It is on the West Highland Railway, arguably the most beautiful railway route through Scotland, which runs from Glasgow along Loch Lomond to Rannoch Moor, through Fort William to Mallaig on the west coast.

Hikers appreciate the Corrour Station, because paths lead directly from the train tracks into the mountains or to beautiful lakes. Loch Ossian, for example, is only a mile and a half away. Probably the most remote youth hostel in Scotland is located on the west bank of the loch, and after 85 years it can finally offer the advantage of hot showers.

As with the train station, there is no public road here. It can only be reached by train and on your feet. However, the path between the hostel and the train station is well developed.

In general, a network of such paths runs through the moor at the moment. Until recently, heavy trucks and construction machinery drove here - parts of the area were developed for hydropower. In the next few years, these paths are to be reduced until only paths remain.

Despite the paths, you shouldn't underestimate nature here. In 2011 a self-proclaimed survivor died here of hypothermia, in 2014 a hiker who left the youth hostel. Still others probably came here just to die - the Frenchman Emmanuel Caillet was probably one of them. His body was found in 1996 on the Ben Alder, around 10 miles from Corrour Station. He was sitting on a kind of rock throne, an old revolver by his side and a bullet in his chest. For months the Scottish public puzzled over the dead person's identity before a facial reconstruction was successful.

If you are aware of the danger, you do not have to let fear dominate you. As long as you stick to the paths, you can enjoy the wild nature. If you are looking for silence, you will find it here, along the paths at Loch Ossian, to Loch Treig or up the Leum Uileim.

Then only one thing is important: to be back at the station in time so as not to miss the last train back to civilization.

Know: Why the Corrour Estate has a train station

The area around Loch Ossian and the train station belongs to the Corrour Estate, which extends over 230 square kilometers here with a circumference of 86 kilometers. The largest area of ​​it is over 300 meters above sea level, more than a quarter even at over 600 meters above sea level. No wonder, because there are at least six Munros, mountains with over 936 meters (source: Corrour - Estate History, Progress and Plans). The centerpiece is the modern Corrour Lodge on the east end of Loch Ossian, which has seven guest rooms. All of this belongs to Andrew Wright, who also takes care of the property ecologically.

The Corrour Station is also one of them. In addition to a small restaurant, there is also a bed & breakfast here.

Since the beginning of the 19th century, the entire property had actually only been used for hunting. If the railway was to be relocated here, the owner at the time only allowed it if there would also be a stop on his property. This is how this train station came into being.

Personal note: Queasy in the twilight

We visited Corrour Station in October 2016. At noon we decided to take the train from our hotel to Rannoch Station one stop further. We got there around 4 p.m., the weather was overcast and dusk soon set in. The moor is wonderful, but the paths here were confusing. If we had taken the wrong turn on the way back, we could have quickly got lost here. But it was precisely this excitement that made the trip unique and in the end we arrived back at the station shortly before dark to catch the last train.

Tip: Hikes from Corrour Station to Rannoch Station

One option we will try next time is to leave the car at Rannoch Station, then take the train to Corrour Station, walk to the middle of Loch Ossians and then take the south turnoff to run. It's about 18 kilometers from station to station on the way to Courrour Old Lodge in Rannoch. An English description of the hike can be found here.

If the hiker arrives before 3 p.m., it is worth visiting the tearoom at Rannoch Station. Right next door there is also the Moor of Rannoch Hotel, with a restaurant inside that serves dinner between 6: 300 and 8: 00 pm. But you have to reserve it in advance.


Not possible by car. Train from Ft William or Glasgow. Train times here.