Who is worse EA or Epic Games

Steam opponent: What speaks for and against the Epic Games Store

The dispute between Steam and the Epic Games Store is heating up the minds. The Fortnite-Manufacturer wants to overtake Valve as a quasi-monopoly and lures developers with lower fees. On Steam, 30 percent of the income has to be given away, while on the Epic Games Store only twelve percent. But what are the advantages for consumers and which provider does it better?

What features does the Epic Games Store not offer?

First of all, a look should be taken at which functions the Epic Games Store does not offer, which Valve uses on Steam. Steam lives from a lively community that often provides a remedy for all kinds of problems. This is completely absent from the Epic Games Store. At the same time, there is also no "invite friends" function - but there is a chat and friends can be integrated directly from Steam.

The Epic Games Store is currently missing other important functions such as cloud saves, an offline mode and a search or sort function for the library. Furthermore, games can only be rated if the manufacturer actively allows this. On Steam, the many reviews - if the reviews are not being bombarded - show whether a game is of good or bad quality. After all, this function is still to come in the aforementioned reduced scope. However, there will be no game streaming in the future.

What speaks for the Epic Games Store

On the one hand, the Epic Games Store benefits from the fact that games are regularly given away - new users should be enthusiastic about the platform in this way. Valve itself does not offer this, but developers can give away their games. In addition, Steam is a quasi-monopoly - additional competition can only help so that Valve can comply with requests that have long been required, such as a redesign, and that it has to change in the business area based on its fellow campaigners.

Hasty start of the service?

The Epic Games Store currently lacks a number of functions that many Steam users have got used to and appreciate. The launch of the service with only such a small number of features seems rushed given that Epic Games has been in business for a long time. However, the Fortnite-Manufacturers do not shy away from investing all the money in the store through the Free2Play game.

A monopoly is never good

Yes, Valve currently offers significantly more than the Epic Games Store. No, time-exclusive deals do not serve the consumer and justifiably anger customers. Despite up-and-coming services like Gog.com and itch.io, Valve had no competition for a long time and was able to rule and rule the PC market as they wanted. A financially strong challenger like Epic can finally break this monopoly, which could benefit the consumer in the long term. It is annoying that you now have to use another provider - but additional competition has never hurt. (dk, February 12, 2019)