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Windows 10: Deactivate automatic driver installation

If you don't want Windows 10 to perform automatic driver installations via Windows Update, you can simply deactivate them. Like its predecessors, Windows 10 offers the option of obtaining device drivers via Windows Update and installing them automatically. But the result is not always optimal for users. This procedure is automatically activated in Windows 10 and can lead to problems, for example - desired - unofficial drivers for old hardware, beta software for graphics cards and much more can be replaced by Windows Update. The result: a lack of features or, depending on the hardware, a standstill of the respective devices.

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If you want to deactivate the automatic driver installation in Windows 10, you will find the corresponding function in the control panel. You can simply call it up by typing “Control Panel” in the search at the bottom left. If necessary, display large or small symbols in the top right under “Display”. Then click on "System" and then on the left on "Advanced system settings". Alternatively, you can also enter "Advanced system settings" at the bottom left of the desktop.

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In the window that opens, select the "Hardware" tab at the top. Then click on the second button labeled "Device installation settings". In the window that opens you can then make your desired options.

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In this window you not only regulate the driver management, but also choose how updates of the associated manufacturer software are organized. Then save. Windows will no longer touch your installed drivers in the future.

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With simple tricks you can turn off the automatic updates of Windows 10.