This is how the brake pressure sensor works

Do it yourself - ESP lamp on fault 01435 brake pressure sensor

Good day everyone,

Since a lot of you have already discussed the errors described above, practicing here,
I would like to show how I approached the matter.
Most of you drove to VW with the problem and had to pay a lot for it
pay for a new hydraulic unit on the abs.

In any case, it hit me recently - bang, ESP lamp on, does not go out anymore and cannot be deleted:
Fault 01435 Brake Pressure Sensor - Circuit Faulty - Permanent

So I first made myself wise what the repair should cost and, like so many others, I was scared.
So I thought sh *** it, tried to fix the error myself inexpensively.

Then we started, copied part numbers from my ABS block and got a spare part.

The next thing we did was take off the engine cover and uncover the ABS block, disconnect all brake lines and the control unit connector.
then out with the pad.
Since I wanted to keep my ABS control unit to avoid re-coding or programming or something similar, I unscrewed the block - AND LOOK!
[Blocked graphic:]

Corrosion on the hydro block and on the control unit in one place.

[Blocked graphic:]

[Blocked graphic:]

[Blocked graphic:]

[Blocked graphic:]

I then cleaned the openings on the control unit side with a greenish brake cleaner and an old toothbrush (works wonderfully). Then everything was blown clean and dry with air pressure and it looked like new .
Then I took the replacement hydraulic unit apart and swapped and screwed it together accordingly.

MAYBE it is also sufficient to remove the corrosion on the hydraulic unit and also to clean everything,
I did not test this because I already had a spare part!

Then everything back into the car. Brake lines back on and the SG plug druff - continue to bleed the system.
To do this, I filled the BFK container to the brim with new liquid and then vented it in sequence to the rear right, rear left, front right, front left.
With the bleeder nipple open, I depressed the brake pedal 15 times.
I had to repeat this process again afterwards because the brake pressure still felt too soft.
Please make sure that the BFK container does not fall below the min level.

Then I sprayed everything clean again and did a function test - ESP lamp off
Didn't even need to delete the error memory.

I had everything available for the repair, tester, ventilation equipment and so on.
Last but not least, of course, I read out the error memory again and carried out several comparisons, such as adapting the new brake pressure sensor.
There is even a function with which you can bleed the system with the help of the ABS pump.

So for all professional screwdrivers among you:
This is only intended to be a small guide for those who want to eliminate the error themselves inexpensively at home.
It also works without special equipment.
Despite this, I recommend having the exchanged unit calibrated at VW.

Who finds spelling mistakes may keep them

I've finished - please, please