What is a dry bone

Dry bones

I had an MRI because of sciatic pain. It became visible that my lumbar vertebral discs are dark and dried out. Can I counteract this dryness with diet or exercise?

Text: H. P., Bern


One can certainly nourish and build up the bone and cartilage tissue through nutrition. Drinking water is of course very moisturizing for the body. Make sure that you drink a liter of water in the morning and another half a liter in the afternoon. Warm and oily substances counteract drought even better than water; both internally and externally. It is best to buy arnica oil from a specialist store. You massage your back, buttocks and back of your thighs with this oil every evening. Simply stroke from your lower back along the back of your legs to your ankles. This nourishes the bones, loosens the muscles, makes you flexible and is simply good for you. When it comes to nutrition, it is important to give preference to warm, moist and juicy dishes. Many Swiss eat jam for breakfast and bread with cheese for dinner. That is the opposite of what I am recommending to you. Try to change at least one of these fistbread meals so that it is warm, moist, juicy and no longer edible with bare hands. For example, eat a soup or a creamy vegetable stew in the evening or warm apple wedges and cooked cereals for breakfast. By the way, dates are a particularly good moisturizing snack. You can enjoy them every day. Bread, salad, raw vegetables, coffee and high-percentage alcohol should be consumed with caution. Drink one to two cups of horsetail tea every day. This tea nourishes the bones very well and protects against broken bones.

Sabine Hurni, Druggist, naturopath and Ayurveda expert

Photo: istockphoto.com