What is the best self

Painted Josh Wagenbach : Trailblazer

The year started less well for me. I was sick and have only been quite fit again since today.
After the training I wrote down some new video ideas and thought about the year here. And wonder how I can become a better version of myself. Here are my favorites.

# 1 Get enough sleep

Sleep is arguably the best activity to deal with stress and other problems.
I can list many events in which I had a creative block. I either lay down for a few minutes (power nap / meditated) or continued the project the next day after a restful night.

I think 7-9 hours of sleep makes sense to get up fit in the morning to be able to master all the challenges of the day.

# 2 Get up early

Successful people are often early risers. Whether Benjamin Franklin, Obama, Merkel or Casey Neistat (seriously I love that guy) who probably never sleeps. I would like to try out his V-Log style for my channel.

If you browse the internet a little afterwards you will find numerous articles that confirm that those who get up earlier are also more productive and that the brain can develop its full potential here. So get up early and get more creative and do all the important things in the morning.

# 3 morning exercise

A little workout in the morning will help boost your blood circulation and start the day with more energy. Even 10 minutes of stretching will help. Another advantage is that you have already done your sporting part for the day and it is easier for you to focus on your other important goals. And your brain is supplied with more oxygen, which helps you to solve the problems of the day faster.

Try a little 7 minute workout (60 pushups 3 × 20, 60 situps 3 × 20 and 60 squats)

# 4 Take a cold shower

In other and older cultures, cold showers were used to relieve stress and clear your mind.

Today it is not only used to reduce stress but also to live healthier, as it strengthens the immune system.

# 5 Take care of your skin

Beauty and shit like that isn't just for women. We men should deal more and more consciously with the topic and understand how we get such a great skin. Above all, it also strengthens self-confidence if you don't have oily and pimply skin.

# 6 Eat healthy

Most people, sadly, underestimate the importance of a healthy diet. Or they even believe they are eating healthy although they are overweight, have skin problems and other chronic diseases. Let's fight this together. I want to become part of a movement and inspire people to eat healthier again.

Avoid sugar, dairy products and gluten as best you can.

Good nutrition should be one of the most critical parts of your day.

# 7 Meditate

Meditation is mental training. You will learn to control your own thoughts. You are less distracted and you have a focus on the things that are personally important to you. You will deal with yourself and understand what you want.

Let's all meditate more this year

From Berlin? -> Let's meditate and do yoga together, write down for me

josh at joshwagenbach.com

# 8 Master a topic you are unfamiliar with

I realized a long time ago that we cannot always rely on others. We cannot rely on the school system / education system. The world is constantly changing and we have to deal with these changes. Always try to be clear about your goals and specifically teach yourself the knowledge to do so. Are you studying fashion and would you like to have your own label? You will not be able to avoid business knowledge. Teach you something that your future self will benefit from. Curious what I'm learning? Subscribe to my mastermind group to always be up to date.

We are all residents of this world at this moment and our possibilities are unlimited. You can be the next Darwin you just have to be aware of it. I can recommend a great book on this -> Mindset!

# 9 Dress up sensibly

Like it or not, most people judge you at first glance (in three seconds). So make a damn good impression. You are not a famous celebrity who is always recognized no matter what he is wearing.
This initial assessment may change after you have spoken to this person, but this person may not speak to you. So why not dress well right away. It doesn't have to be a suit either, and a little style really isn't wrong.

# 10 Fight negative thoughts as best you can

Negative thoughts lead to negative decisions. So try to get rid of negative thoughts. Don't watch TV anymore, don't talk nonsense. Start your day with positive thoughts.

More about this on my YT channel.

# 11 Practice small talk

Talking to a stranger isn't the best feeling in the world, is it?
But we can work on it and it will become easier for us over time.


# 12 Pomodoro technique

The Pomodoro Technique is one of the most popular productivity techniques.

Very briefly explained.

You take a certain time range in which you can work productively. Let's say 45 minutes, then you take a 15-minute break. Divide your sessions how you want and how you can best work. My third round of 25 minutes and a 5-minute break is currently running.

# 13 Build a network for yourself

Always keep an eye out for things you can do for others. Then do these things and create value for someone else. Write a blog, make videos, or help other people with other things. Meet with people who have similar interests as you. Exchange ideas and build your network together. It also works very well via email

# 14 uses the 2 minute rule

I already told you about this in one of my articles.
Everything that you can do in under two minutes is best done immediately and if you learn something new, do it for at least two minutes.

# 15 Stand up straight, don't sit so much

Sitting is the new smoking. Try to sit down as little as possible. In the office you can buy a standing desk or build one yourself out of cardboard.
You will do so much good to your body with it. Many assume that running for 30 minutes per day equates to 6-8 hours of sitting. IT IS NOT SO!

# 16 Be honest

Like Warren Buffet sad:

“Honesty is a very expensive gift. Don't expect it from cheap people. "

An honest person accepts himself for who he is. She doesn't have to lie to make herself better, she can say exactly what she wants and where she wants to go.

Fake it till you make it is absolute junk!

If you are more honest with yourself and with others you don't have to go to events that you don't feel like attending. Not talking to people who have absolutely no idea what they are saying or who are total idiots. You don't have to deal with things that you don't want. Just say no. There is a video from me about this, "The Power of NO!"

# 17 Listen more

One of the most important things we can give someone else is to listen to them. He feels valued and good. I also think a lot of it, because whoever listens constantly learns something who talks a lot, only tells what he heard a long time ago. People who listen more are also valued, respected and perceived to be smarter.

# 18 No drugs

Alcohol, drugs etc are all things that give you a temporary satisfaction. But this quickly subsides and we have littered our bodies with poison. He can no longer work properly and your performance is ruined.

# 19 Play more

When we were kids we enjoyed playing outside.

As soon as we grew up, that was over. More on the subject here

# 19 Be grateful

# 20 Keep a journal

# 21 Keep a to-do list

# 22 Read an hour a day

# 23 And what are your "resolutions"