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• Your place in bed next to me is cold and empty. I would love to touch you now, just feel you next to me. I miss you so much!

• Nearby, far away, a little heart thinks of you, loves you and loves you, and misses you terribly!

• You are the laugh in my heart, the butterflies in my stomach, your absence causes me pain, I mean to say that I need you.

• A girl far away loves you very much. She is so lonely without you because she loves you terribly. See you soon, I love you!

• And love at a distance, in short, I dislike completely.

• I have pain in my heart. You live in a place that's too far away. But one thing you should know: I will miss you day and night!

• My heart calls out of sheer longing, it would like to understand you. The heartache is tremendous, do you want to see me again?

• It's not easy, it hurts so much when I don't see you for so long. Send you great greetings and one or two little kisses!

• And another day has passed, what more could you ask for? Time should pass faster so that we can finally meet again!

• I'm all alone tonight, call me, I want to be your little mouse.

• XXX, I miss you so much, when you are not around my heart is so empty, life is cold without you and so difficult.

• I think of you day and night, I miss you day and night; just like breathing in a vacuum, I need you just as badly!

• In my psychological and sociological constellation, the absolute dominance of positive impressions of your individual manifests itself. In short: I miss you!

• I listen to the wind and hear our songs. I look at the clock: when will we finally see you again?

• The longing is difficult to understand, it always comes when you have to go then I lie here and don't fall asleep, oh, I can only be with you.

• On a star so far and far away, there sits an angel and loves you. Dreams of you and loves you, weeps because you are not there.

• No matter what I do, no matter where I am - I just can't get you out of my mind!

• Tonight you will not be alone, put your head on your pillow, it is filled with 1000 kisses, cuddle up, I will be very close to you!

• The distance from the earth to the moon is really great, but it is nothing compared to my huge longing for you!

• I already have longing when I wake up - and it gets stronger and stronger until late at night.

• Why do I look sadly into space, why do I cry tears like seas? Why are there cracks in my heart? I wonder why? Because I miss you!

• I close my eyes and see your face. I touch my lips and think of you!

• Love you, like you, miss you my little star.

• Because dreams are not real, because phone calls are not kisses, because emails are not cuddling, that's why I miss you so much every day.

• If I look at the stars alone at night, I fear the morning. Because I know you are not there then - but in my heart you are so close to me.

• This mail comes from me because my thoughts are with you. Thoughts are looking forward to being home soon.

• You are what I want, and that's what I stand for. I want to live with you and not alone, because you are my only sunshine ...

• Like a vulture after the cliff, I long for your lips!

• The worst way to miss someone is: to sit by their side and know that they will never belong to you!

• I miss your breath, which I listen to at night. I miss your hand that gently touches me. I miss your soul that makes me stagger I miss you!

• I have learned that love is something very beautiful, but nobody told me that the time without a loved one is so difficult!

• I think of you so many times a day, that definitely means that I like you. Even if the distance is so great, you won't get rid of me that quickly!

• I am here - you are there. One is in the wrong place!

• Just took a walk and again thought only of you! I miss you so much, you are so far away, visit me soon, my love star.

• This is an I-miss-you-very-much-SMS and you only send it to people who mean a lot to you!

• Think of yourself, day and night. What should I do against this power of love? I would like to be with you now, because my heart longs for you!

• My eyes full of tears, in my thoughts with you, I go to sleep and dream about you.

• You have the most beautiful eyes in the world, you are everything that matters to me! You only can understand me, I have to see you again !!

• I sit here in silent longing. You hardly know anything about me. I hope that at some point we will come together and no longer wriggle in longing.

• Kissed a thousand times today and missed you again.

• YOU ARE THERE ... and I am HERE ... miss YOU soooo, you my beloved cuddly toy.

• Miss you so much, please come here very quickly!

• I have thought about God and the world and have come to the conclusion that I miss you more now than I did 10 minutes ago.

• Thoughts wander, a nightmare becomes a reality! Longing tears my heart apart. Everything else becomes meaningless until I can see you again!

• My heart is screaming: "Where are you !?" - My heart is crying: "Not here!" - My heart says: "I miss you!" - My heart whispers: "I love you!";

• I miss you like a vampire in daylight and a dead man in life. Against you, sugar is like salt and the sun is like a candle.

• In the evening when the sun goes down and the sandman is already ready, it is time for you to think of me!

• Why is a night without you always longer than a day with you?

• During the day I am what everyone expects me to be: strong and invulnerable. But at night I lie in bed crying for hours, longing for you!

• My stomach hurts so badly because I see you so seldom!

• Even if you think you are alone, my heart will always be with you.

• I am alone, have nothing to do, hate to rest! Want to be with you, caress and kiss you, don't have to be alone!

• I look at the sky! See the stars and the distance, I think of you, miss you! Understand me i love you!

• There are moments in life when you realize how important someone is to you. This is such a moment and with that I just want to tell you: I love and miss you!

• Bits and bytes, everything for the cat. I just think about my darling. All specialist knowledge affects me peripherally, but I miss you very much.

• I miss you so much. I send you a loving kiss. Oh, if only you were with me!

• Writing a poem is not easy, it is difficult, just as difficult as it is to bear not being with you!

• I will soon go to my bed and float on a cloud, I will only dream of you - oh how I wish you were here now.

• Oh you my thundercloud, this is your little sunshine speaking. If I had one wish, I would love to be with you ...

• I love you and like you, even if only from afar. I now know one thing for sure, the days without you are very gray.

• I was told that an hour is 60 minutes and a minute is 60 seconds. I wasn't told that a second without you is eternity.

• For a few moments I think what it would be like if you were here with me now. If you would ask me what I am missing, I would tell you!

• I miss your love, I miss your smile, I miss your kisses, but the most I miss is you!

• Every day, every hour, I only think of you! I miss you every second, I love you!

• Dear, sweet mouse! Come to my house today! I miss you so much because you are my cuddly bear!

• I give you 1000 dreams, 1000 longings separate me from you. I'll bring you the stars from space, I love you always and everywhere.

• Raven black becomes sky blue, the sun rises in the shade, a drop becomes an ocean! All wishes become small besides being with you!

• Hello beloved! I want you to know how much I love you more than anything in the world and that I miss your voice. I am waiting for your call!

• An angel wrote your name on the sand and disappeared. This message read: I love you and I can't stop thinking about you, please get in touch!

• My dear heart, it longs for you. My sad soul, it cries for you. My mind, it begs you. My only thought: come back to me!

• Love is beautiful, love hurts, even if we only see each other on weekends.

• I know that you will never forget a person you miss!

• Longing: I don't smoke, I don't drink alcohol. Still, I'm addicted. It is the longing, the longing for you!

• There are friends, there are enemies and there are people like you who are never forgotten for so much love. I miss you.

• I wish for a rainbow, a magical bridge to you. I can walk on it until we finally see each other again!

• I can feel your warmth up to here, but unfortunately you are not with me, I hope I don't have to miss you for a long time and then I can finally kiss you again !!!

• How much would I give now to be with you? Just that you hug me and never let go of me!

• Every time I miss you really badly, I paint a star on the ceiling of my room. I already have my own starry sky.

• Thank you for your cell phone number, die of longing grief, want to see you again very quickly, hope you will too!

• Dear star, fly here quickly, my heart is so happy. Deliver this kiss to my angel and tell him that I have to see him again soon!

• 1 + 2 + 3 + 4, I wish you were here with me. 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 to cuddle day and night. 9 + 10, you will see, with us it will go on forever!

• Hand in hand, I'll go to wonderland with you. And not without reason: I want to kiss you on the mouth. Just come here, miss you so much!

• Not sleeping next to you is sad and mean. I really prefer to fall asleep in your arms.

• My angel! I am here, but my spirit is with you. It watches over you all night. For now and for all time!

• Would like to cuddle with you now, fluff your hair a little, stroke you, kiss you, but all I have is my pillow.

• Oh, it was nice to see you today, but unfortunately you had to go then. Now I'm lying here all alone and dream of being with you!

• Oh, it was nice to see you today, but unfortunately you had to go then. Now I'm lying here all alone and dream of being with you!

• On a star far and wide, an angel sits and loves you. He dreams of you and loves you, cries because he sees you so seldom.

• Fight for what is important to you, even if you have long since lost it!

• Without you there, my bed is so empty. Without you I run after my dreams. My thoughts are with you. I miss you, come to me tonight

• Sit by the window, look into the night, today I only thought of you. At some point later I will certainly fall asleep, but even then you will be in my dreams. Miss you.

• I am with friends, but I feel lonely.
I'm constantly on the move, but my life is empty and desolate.
I have everything you need and yet something is missing.
Lie in the warm bed, but I'm cold.
I miss your smile, your looks. I miss you because I love you

• Every minute that I'm without you is a lost moment in my life and that moment cuts deeply into me - like a knife.

• Without you the whole world is just black and white, because your eyes take the colors with you when you go! And without your laugh the sun doesn't shine.

• Dreams and desires sometimes have to die like flowers in winter. But their congregations survive in the earth until the next spring.

• Without you - believe me, without you I will die, I will never laugh again, never be happy. Our hearts became one and without you mine dies!

• Let me sink into your eyes, drink from your sweet lips, touch your tender skin, feel your soft closeness. I want to lie in your arms with you to fly to the stars I want to cuddle with you and whisper about our love. With you I forget the time I'm waiting, soon the time will come and there will be two of us again.

• If I don't text you, it doesn't mean I've forgotten you. I'm just giving you time to miss me

• My heart is breaking, my soul is screaming, my head is pounding, my eyes are crying and you are not here to heal it.

• The worst way to miss a person is to be by your side and know that he will never belong to you!

• Because dreams are not real, because phone calls are not kisses, because emails are not cuddling, that's why I miss you so much every day.

• Longing is the greatest weakness - fulfillment is a delicate virtue!

• The worst way to miss someone is to stand next to them and know they will never belong to you.

• Without you the world is only black / white, because your eyes take the color with you when you walk and the sun doesn't shine without you laughing.
Without you every fight I fight loses the ground and my heart loses the fire.
I can't make you come back, but I can ask you, I love you.