What do we need for SMO

What do you need for smoking?

More and more grill and cooking fans are also interested in smoking. Because regardless of whether it is cold smoking, warm smoking, hot smoking or smoking - meat, fish and Co. with a certain smoky aroma simply taste delicious and are a real highlight. But many think that you need a lot of accessories for smoking and that you even have to buy a smoker and numerous other utensils. So much can be revealed in advance: That is not entirely true. In this blog post we explain to you what you really need for a successful smoking session and what the perfect accessories are for real smoking professionals.

It's all a question of the right food to be smoked

First things first: No matter what smoking accessories you buy - if the meat, fish or vegetables you want to smoke are of poor quality, you will not get good taste results. So be sure to opt for high-quality goods for your products. Visit the butcher you trust, get advice and spend a few euros more - you will definitely taste it in the end. Anglers who prefer to smoke fish can of course catch it themselves wonderfully.

Can you only smoke in the smokehouse?

Smoker and smoker cabinet are the classic smokehouse that probably comes to mind when it comes to smoking. They are by no means the only way to smoke fish, meat and the like. Food can also be cooked with smoke in smokers, gas and charcoal grills or even in cardboard boxes. As the word suggests, smokers are primarily intended for smoking, i.e. for smoking at hot temperatures. You can also cold smoke in it - namely with a cold smoke generator that you simply connect to it. And the smoke generator is also wonderfully suitable for gas and charcoal grills. You can also easily cold smoke them with them, or you can add an additional heat source to smoke even at warmer temperatures. And yes, you can also connect the cold smoke generator to a well-ventilated cardboard box. So you see: the smokehouse doesn't have to be expensive. If you want to try smoking first, you can simply use an alternative smoke oven that you still have at home.

Cold smoke generators - true quick-change artists

Our cold smoke generators also transform normal grills and the like into real smoke miracles. All you have to do is complete the assembly of the smoke generator, fill in woodchips, connect the generator to the grill or something else and light the woodchips. A lot of smoke is already pouring into your smokehouse. And so that you don't have to constantly refill the woodchips even during long smoke sessions, we have cold smoke generators of different sizes in stock for you. With our Giga-SMO, for example, you can smoke for up to 14 hours. As an accessory, stainless steel flexible tubes make perfect sense here in order to be able to flexibly connect the generator to the grill or a smoker. And grill adapters are also a good idea, as they allow the generator or stainless steel flex pipe and grill to be easily coupled.

Smoker: Smoking on a large scale

If you want to smoke on a large scale or do not want to use your grill or the like for it, you can also get a smoker or smoker. If you order in our shop, they will come to your home with everything you need so that you can start smoking straight away. The scope of delivery includes, for example, a thermometer, a hanging rod for smoking hooks and much more. In our shop you will also find a starter set that consists of a smoke cabinet and a cold smoke generator. Useful supplementary accessories for smoking cabinets are, for example:

  • additional hanging rods for smoking cabinets
  • Electric heating for smokers
  • Fish basket / fish grate
  • Flat grate
  • Gas burner
  • Smoking hooks
  • Substructure for smokers (for the optimal working height and to accommodate a gas cylinder)

Woodchips for the perfect smoke taste

With Woodchips, very different taste creations can be conjured up. Because depending on which type of wood you choose, the smoking result will also taste different. Basically, it is a matter of taste which woodships variety you choose. However, the following types of wood are particularly popular:

  • birch
  • beech
  • Oak
  • alder
  • Spruce (especially for Black Forest ham)
  • hickory
  • cherry

Of course, you can also mix the different varieties - just try a little and see what you like best. You can find all of the woodchips in our shop. If the result is not spicy enough for you, woodchips seasoning is also waiting for you there, which you can simply add to the woodchips so that your food is even more hearty.

Woodchips seasoning is available in the following flavors, for example:

  • Apple
  • cherry
  • salmon
  • eel
  • plum
  • Tyrolean bacon
  • juniper

Everything you need for smoking - in the Smo-King shop

As you can see, smoking doesn't have to be expensive. For beginners, a cold smoke generator with wood chips and a grill or a cardboard box is enough. But be careful: Smoking is definitely addictive and anyone who has started working with our smoke generators will not be able to get away from it anytime soon. In this case you will find exactly the right accessories in our shop. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! We will help you in a simple and uncomplicated manner.