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Teradata.Database (server as text, optional options as nullable record) as table


Returns a table with SQL tables and views from the Teradata database on server. The port can optionally be specified with the server separated by a colon. The optional record parameter can be specified to control the following options:

  • : A logical value (true / false) that determines whether navigation properties are generated for the returned values ​​(default value: true)

  • : A function used to create names for navigation properties

  • : A native SQL query used to retrieve data. If the query generates multiple result sets, only the first is returned.

  • : A period of time that controls how long the server-side query can run before it is canceled. The default is ten minutes.

  • : A period of time that controls how long an attempt to connect to the server can take before it is canceled. The default value depends on the driver.

  • : A logical value (TRUE / FALSE) that determines whether the tables are displayed grouped according to the names of their schema (default value: FALSE).

For example, the data set parameter is specified as follows: [option1 = value1, option2 = value2 ...] or [Query = "select ..."].

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