How useful MATLAB is for electrical and electronic equipment

The Landshut University of Applied Sciences provides its students, lecturers and research staff with a campus-wide license for academic use of MATLAB, Simulink, toolboxes and other programs. The license can be used by individual end users to download, install and use MathWorks products not only on university computers but also on private devices.

MATLAB and Simulink:

MATLAB provides its users with an intuitive programming language as well as an interactive programming environment that can be used for modeling mathematical algorithms, analyzing and graphically representing data, and performing numerical calculations. Thanks to its graphic interface, Simulink allows the modeling and simulation of complex dynamic systems. In addition, students can fall back on over 100 other, tailor-made MathWorks software solutions for data analysis, image processing or working on artificial intelligence.

Download for students and faculty members and university employees:

All members of the Landshut University of Applied Sciences are allowed to install a copy of the software on a personal device and use it for research and teaching in accordance with the license agreements.

End users use the university's MATLAB portal to download and activate the software. The Quick Start Guide describes in detail the steps required for installation.

- Matlab portal:

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- If you have technical problems during the installation, please contact MathWorks Installation Support

- Here you will find instructions for activating your software.

MATLAB online training courses and courses:

The Landshut University of Applied Sciences offers its students a range of interactive online training courses. With a valid email address, you can easily access the self-directed and project-based teaching units. You can find the training units at

Other MathWorks resources for teaching and research:

- MATLAB Documentation: Explains basic and advanced functions of MATLAB in videos and examples

- MATLAB Online: Use MATLAB and Simulink directly in the browser - no download required (only for supported toolboxes)

- MATLAB Grader: Create, save and share interactive course assignments for MATLAB

- MATLAB Parallel Server: Run an unlimited number of MATLAB processes on a cloud-based cluster.

- MATLAB Central: Problems working with MATLAB or Simulink? The helpful MathWorks community answers questions and helps you use products efficiently

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EN-US | DE-DE Quick Start End Users

EN-US | DE-DE Renewal Instructions