What is dentistry


Synonym: dentistry
English: dentistry

1 definition

The Dentistry deals with the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of diseases of the tooth, mouth and jaw area.

2 job description

A university degree is required to be able to practice dentistry. The corresponding course is also called Dentistry and usually lasts 10 semesters. 5 semesters of which are allocated to the preclinical part of the study and the other 5 to the clinical part. The latter is to be completed in a university dental clinic. The 10 semesters are followed by a six-month exam phase. The licensed dentist then has the opportunity to specialize in a field. Most of the dentists have their own practice. But they also find employment in hospitals, university clinics, research institutions and forensics.

3 branches of dentistry

3.1 Prophylaxis

Prophylaxis is also called preventive dentistry. Regular check-ups, as well as teaching oral hygiene and brushing techniques, should minimize the risk of dental diseases before they occur.

3.2 Periodontics

Periodontics deals with diseases of the tooth supporting apparatus and their detection and treatment.

3.3 Oral surgery

The specialist dentist for oral surgery (dental surgery) carries out surgical interventions within the oral cavity. These include root tip resections, the removal of entire teeth (tooth extraction), periodontal surgery or the removal of smaller tumors. This area partially overlaps with oral and maxillofacial surgery (maxillofacial surgery).

3.4 Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry deals with the dental care of children, from birth to puberty.

3.5 Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry ("Kons") focuses in the broadest sense on the long-term preservation of teeth, in most cases through filling therapy.

3.6 Orthodontics

Orthodontics focuses on the detection and treatment of misaligned teeth and misaligned jaws.

3.7 Prosthetics

The field of prosthetics treats tooth loss through dentures, e.g. using tooth crowns and dentures.

3.8 Traumatology

Dental traumatology deals with injuries to teeth, oral cavity and jaw.