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Fantasy films 2020: All magical German theatrical releases

In 2020, some fantasy films will make it to the cinema again. Nothing from the Harry Potter world belongs to them this year, but one or the other start may still awaken anticipation.

Do you need more magic in your life? Well: Unfortunately, you have to wait until next year for the third Harry Potter prequel Fantastic Beasts 3. Instead, 2020 has a few other fantasy films up its sleeve for the big screen. We have a list of all of them for you German theatrical releases put together, which will be magical in the next 12 months.

As with the fantasy films 2019, the same applies to the science fiction genre 2020, animation films 2020 and superheroes 2020, just like this year's horror films 2020 - but these film categories have their own preview-Items.

Fantasy 2020: These are the German theatrical releases

Fantasy films 2020: The liquid mirror

Fantasy films announced for 2020 that have no release date could also include fantastic works such as David Lowery's Green Knight, the fantasy adventure Mortal, the supernatural family comedy Four Kids and It or the ghost love story Endlessstill make it to a theatrical release.

The fantastic journey of Dr. Dolittle

But also Wendy, Lamb, Nine Days, Spontaneous, Starbright, Three Thousand Years Of Longing, The King's Daughter, Gretel & Hansel, Witch Hunt and Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon look exciting and could do them possibility use, still catch the eye of a cinema distributor.

Fantasy films like A Babysitter's Guide To Monster Hunting and The Old Guard, however, are Netflix stocked with magic while Disney + again will come up with Magic Camp.

Anyone who has previously believed that the fantasy genre 2020 is underrepresented in the cinema can now look forward to at least a few magical delicacies. Or look forward to Harry Potter's animal beings spin-off in 2021.

Which fantasy cinema release in 2020 can you hardly wait?