Do you ever quote yourself

Translation of "you ever quote me" in english

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If you ever quote meI deny it.

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Tucker when you ever look again, my brother will kill you.
More solid than you ever hugged.
If you ever you will read about it in the newspaper.
When did you ever protected?
If you ever lying to you again ...
So if you ever have to turn off ...
If you ever cheat, I'll kill you.
If you ever annoyed, Nance ...
If you ever should hate.
Nate when you ever should need ...
Has you ever seen that way?
As if you ever knew well enough to make such a statement.
As if you ever knew me well enough to make a statement like that.
I don't want that you ever kisses again.
If you ever If you call "Darius" again, I'll hit you right in the face.
You ever call me "Darius" again, I'll punch you right in your face.
Has you ever Going out on Saturday evening?
Remember when you ever need i will be there.
Remember this, If you ever need me, I'll be there.
Has you ever loved Jack?
All the time, did you ever liked?
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