What do push notifications mean on Facebook

How To: Here's How to Turn Off Facebook Notifications Completely

Facebook notifications can be useful. But they can also be very annoying and distract you. That is why we explain to you in "How to" today, how you can deactivate the small memories permanently and completely.

It may sound strange to one or the other reader: But the little red notification circle can certainly build up stress in certain situations.

For social media managers, it means, among other things: Pay attention. There could have been a critical comment on a post on Facebook that you need to respond to as quickly as possible.

But the small bubbles can also be a burden in the private sector. More and more people expect constant readiness and quick answers. When in doubt, your friends don't care whether you are working or sleeping.

Partly or completely switch off Facebook notifications

That is why we would like to explain to you today how you can turn off your Facebook notifications partially or permanently. (The instructions are from an iPhone. However, the individual steps hardly differ from the Android version.)

In the first step you open the Facebook app on your smartphone. There you click on the three horizontal lines in the lower right corner.

How to mute some or all of Facebook. Step 1.

You can go back and forth with the arrows under the heading.