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1. Origin Father's Day

Father's Day, also called men's or men's day, is a custom in honor of the fathers. It comes from the USA and has been celebrated according to the model of Mother's Day since 1910. In honor of her father, the American Sonora Louisa Dodd launched Father's Day. Her father, William Smart, fought in the Civil War and was a Civil War veteran. After the death of his wife, he took care of the six children alone. To thank him for this, she organized the movement in honor of the fathers in 1910. In the same year it was celebrated on June 19th in Spokane / Washington. The day of honor quickly spread across the United States. In 1926 a "National Father's Committee" was founded in New York, which wanted to introduce Father's Day as a national holiday. Since 1942 the members elect one annually "National Father of the Year".

Father's Day is coming to Germany

Around 1900, mostly single men from the Berlin area began on Ascension Day Group outings to do. Since there were many poorly housed men in Berlin, they met on the usually warmer public holidays to drink alcohol and do something together. This formed the cornerstone of Father's Day in Germany. Ascension Day was abolished in the GDR in 1967, but the tradition remained. Even today, Father's Day tours are particularly popular in northern and eastern Germany.

Father's Day today

To this day, numerous can be found in northern and eastern Germany Men's tours instead of. But the idea of ​​Father's Day or Men's Day is also used in other parts of Germany to drink alcohol with other men and to do something. In recent years, Father's Day has also developed into one Family day. The men take their wives or friends with them on hikes and the whole family is there on adventure excursions. As a result, there is a slow rethinking of the men's day, when actual fathers are now the focus. As on Mother's Day, small children often make Father's Day gifts or learn poems by heart. Even older children sometimes give their father little things, but currently Father's Day in retail is not as big as Mother's Day.

Father's Day Abroad

In other parts of the world, too, people celebrate Father's Day, even if the dates and customs are different. In the country of origin, the USA, there are large parades on the third Sunday in June. There are also large family celebrations, at which mainly the male family members are present. The focus is on the father-son relationship. There are gifts for fathers in the United States, and most of them go on trips. The holiday in Catholic Italy has the greatest significance worldwide. To "Festa del papa" on St. Joseph's Day, March 19, the Italians celebrate and honor their fathers. Father's Day is just as important as Mother's Day. The fathers get presents and go on trips.

2. Father's Day in Marketing

Father's Day is one of the most important holidays of the year. That is why it is worthwhile to start marketing strategies for Father's Day. Opportunities for this are especially offered by own website or. your own online shop, Newsletter, but also Social media and Influencer Marketing.

Website, online shop and newsletter

  • Father's Day landing page: Product pages that are specially designed for products for Father's Day and provide appropriate gift ideas.
  • Discounts: Anyone who promises a separate discount on Father's Day increases the chance of generating customers. The special discounts for Father's Day can be pointed out in a mailing campaign that also contains the discount code.
  • Give tips: Tips on how to best organize Father's Day can be published on the homepage or by e-mail. Small e-books with various tips are often downloaded. Hints of what fathers really want attract visitors.
  • Father's Day Promotions, which entice men with free gifts, appeal to customers and increase sales. Women who make men happy on this day and buy a product receive a reduced price for the gift and a discount on a product of their choice. Not only do Father's Day gifts sell, but also other products. Free shipping attracts customers. Delivery options should be highlighted and provided with a note "guaranteed delivery dates".
  • Personalized products: So everyone can find and create the right and individual gift for their own father.

Social media In addition to your own homepage, the campaigns should also be shared on your own social media channels. In order to reach new customers, it is worthwhile to encourage users to actively participate. A competition in which customers share emotional pictures that fathers show with children, which are provided with a personal caption, encourage users to get actively involved. At the end of the campaign, winners will be drawn to spend a special day with their father. Since the reach of your own brand channel on social media is often limited and can only be extended through social ads, it also makes sense Influencer to incorporate into Father's Day strategy.

3. Influencer Marketing for Father's Day

Significantly fewer brands plan an influencer campaign on Father's Day than on Mother's Day, and this day also offers great potential for integrating influencers into the marketing strategy. Grade products and brands with a more male target group should use this day for themselves. Influencers, regardless of gender, can make their dad happy on Father's Day or let the fathers promote an action themselves in order to position their own product as an ideal Father's Day gift. The following ideas can be implemented with influencers:

4. Top 5 Papa Influencers