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Story: Queen Caroline's lover arrested

Love and tragedy in Celle CastleIn Celle Castle you have the feeling of being in the middle of the stories
days long gone. A particularly tragic one is that of
Queen Caroline Mathilde and her lover.

Who was Queen Caroline?

Caroline Mathilde von Hannover was the youngest daughter of Friedrich Ludwig von Hannover. She was married to Christian VII, the Danish-Norwegian king, in 1766. She had to leave her home and her husband hardly noticed her. Instead, he became more and more mentally ill. Caroline Mathilde was very unhappy.

Will love save Queen Caroline?

She fell in love with Johann Friedrich Struensee, the personal physician at court. Both began a love affair, which the king was obviously indifferent to. This resulted in a harmonious ménage à trois. Struensee was suspected of planning a coup to get rid of the king. With this suspicion, Struensee was arrested at 4 a.m. after a masked ball that had taken place in Copenhagen Castle in 1772, and the Queen was taken into protective custody at Kronborg Castle.

How does Queen Caroline get to Celle?

In addition to the relationship with Caroline Mathilde, Struensees were accused of high treason, presumption of office and enrichment. He was executed. The marriage between Caroline Mathilde and the king was dissolved. Caroline Mathilde was separated from her children and banished to Celle. She died of scarlet fever three years later, not yet 24 years old.

Caroline Mathilde's tragic love affair with Johann Friedrich Struensee has been filmed several times in England, Germany and Denmark.

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