What is the most expensive essential oil

Iris oil (Iris florentina, pallida and geranica)

The iris, another name for the iris, is a plant that can grow to between 30 and 100 cm. As the name suggests, it has sword-shaped leaves. It has several large flowers in the upper part, which can be white, light to dark purple or light to dark blue. It is very similar to the iris that often grows in our gardens. The iris, which belongs to the irises, blooms between May and June.

The iris oil

Iris oil is said to have got its name from the Greek doctor Hippocrates himself: because of its splendor of colors, which reminded him of a rainbow, he gave her the name of the goddess of the rainbow.

The iris can grow up to 1 m in size and can be wonderfully adapted to its place of growth.
You can find them in humid and sunny areas such as on the banks of streams and rivers, but you can also find them in shady places under trees.

Irises are found all over Europe, but they are actually grown in southern France and Tuscany.

Iris oil is used almost exclusively in perfumes or body oils. The cosmetics industry naturally loves this wonderful scent and produces all kinds of creams and face oils with iris oil, which has a wound healing, cleansing and nourishing effect on the skin.

But it is also used to scent rooms.

In the past, the roots of the iris were also used for healing purposes, for example they were given to small children so that they could chew on them when they got teeth. The mucus that forms when chewing has a slightly cooling effect, it also calms the gums and helps relieve pain.

Iris oil is one of the most expensive essential oils alongside rose oil and jasmine oil, which is why it is rarely found and used by yourself. The extremely high price arises because the production yield is very small. So you need 100 kg of roots to get 100 g of oil. In addition, the maintenance costs for the iris plants during growth are very high and the storage costs for the roots are also important, as they have to be stored for up to three years before they can be processed further.

So hardly anyone will use iris oil for their own needs, but once you have some iris oil in front of you, you should definitely enjoy the unique and wonderful scent. Iris oil can envelop us like hardly any other oil with its scent, which gives off so much warmth.

The iris oil has a strong harmonizing effect, it can bring down spiritual walls in us, which are then erected, for example, when one is constantly insulted.

The iris oil also cleanses the blood and loosens the mucus (for example when coughing), but as I said, since it is so expensive, you will hardly want to use it.