Why aren't baseball cards popular?

Lucky fan finds valuable baseball cards

A baseball fan in Tennessee recently made an amazing discovery: several unopened, almost 70-year-old baseball trading cards were found in his 90-year-old aunt's attic. The collection, one of the largest unopened collections anywhere, could fetch over a million dollars at auction.

Old baseball trading cards, which in the early 20th century and after World War II were often sold together with candy, cigarettes or chewing gum - or simply as a collection set, similar to the Panini cards in Germany - can be bought in the USA if they are rare and good quality achieve exorbitant prices. The US collector's scene is huge, with cards costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. The most expensive card ever, an image of Hall of Famer Honus Wagner from a set by the American Tobacco Company, manufactured from 1909-1911, even fetched $ 3.12 million at auction in 2016.

The lucky finder in Tennessee will probably not be that expensive. Nevertheless, he can look forward to a pretty penny: like that Forbes-Magazine reports that the man found the cards in his aunt's attic after his uncle's death. In addition to old football and basketball cards, including rookie cards from NBA Hall of Famers such as Wilt Chamberlain and Oscar Robertson, there was also an almost complete box of cards from the bowman chewing gum company from 1948: 19 unopened packs of the valuable set was found.

Apparently the uncle, who had produced chewing gum cards for well-known television programs with a company himself in the 1960s, had bought the many sports cards in order to examine them and possibly get into this field himself. The unopened packages in particular could be worth a fortune. "It's because of their perfection and the uncertainty," Brian Drent, president of the Mile High Card Company, told Forbes. "Then there is the rarity of the packs. Why have they never been opened? How is that possible after 69 years?"

The tickets are currently being auctioned by Mile High, the auction will run until June 15th. A similar pack of basketball cards from 1948 raised over $ 50,000 in a recent campaign - so the 19 packs of the much more popular baseball cards could well be worth a million dollars. If not a lot more: Certain cards alone, such as those from Stan Musial or Yogi Berra, can cost a few hundred thousand dollars alone.

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