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Understanding content marketing: what is it really about?

You have probably read and heard the term content marketing many times. At least since my last webinar you have known what this is about. I told you that, contrary to what the name suggests, content marketing has a lot to do with digital corporate communication and online PR and is therefore not limited to marketing alone.

Still, something is still missing. Do you want to understand content marketing and see how you can use it for your company? Very good, then you've found the right post for you.

There are so many different attempts to pin down content marketing - with definitions and case studies. I appreciate both, but for our everyday practice and the work with our customers and dialogue groups, a sophisticated definition of the term is of no use to us. So I want to skip them here. If you are still interested, you can find a contribution here.

The important question is: what is the heart of content marketing? What is really important in our work and practice? What is the most important thing?

Understanding content marketing: what it has to do for your company

Content marketing appears in our everyday life in the most colorful facets and in the most varied of forms. Some understand this to be the professional blogging of a company, others think more in the direction of native advertising and sponsored content and still others, including myself, see content marketing as interdisciplinary, strategic tool for digital corporate communication.

Tools or applications make sense Optimize processesto facilitate or speed up. If we as entrepreneurs want to use content marketing successfully, then we have to think carefully beforehand, In which process this communication approach should support us and how we can tell whether it actually does this.

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Oh man, that was a box set. I'll try again: When you buy an expensive kitchen appliance, you also think about what kind of results you want to achieve with it. The same applies to new hardware as well as to investing in one of my coaching packages. Only if you achieve the desired result faster and more efficiently does the thing, the tool, the course or the approach actually make sense.

So: What do you want to optimize through content marketing?

Just doing it because everyone else is doing it is unnecessarily wasted money and time.

Strategic content marketing optimizes communication processes

So, now it's out: Strategically planned and well organized content marketing optimizes (mainly digital) communication processes with external and internal dialogue groups. This optimization can also be measured.

Successfully implementing content marketing therefore means developing a content marketing strategy in advance that clearly defines goals and target groups. Without a well-developed communication concept, you will not be familiar with the communicative processes in and around your company and will therefore not be able to optimize them using content marketing. Incidentally, this applies to all measures and communication channels, from social media to press releases, marketing campaigns and influencer relations. You remember? Wasted money and wasted time.

Just to be very clear: I basically talk about communication when it comes to delivering a specific message, regardless of whether you are doing marketing or public relations.

All right? Great!

What a communication process is and what you need it for

I knew you would be interested in the answer to that question. So I've prepared a slim definition for you. It comes from the political and communication scientist Harold Lasswell and states the following:

Who says what in which channel to whom with what effect? (For reading)

The great thing about this inconspicuous sentence is that it contains everything you need for successful communication. Specifically, this means Your communication concept must contain at least the following points:

  • an analysis of the sender (that's you!): "Who says"
  • a clear message: "what"
  • a communication channel: "in which channel"
  • a dialogue group: "to whom"
  • one goal: "with what effect"

I could also add “how” the message gets to the recipient, that is, emphasize the strategy again, but let's just leave that aside.

Back in our content marketing practice, that means: You can only be successful with content marketing if you know at least these five important points of a communication process and use them all.

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Turning just one of these screws makes no sense. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs do that!

They set up a blog, post a lot on social media, bombard their target groups with calls to action or, or, or - without considering and optimizing the entire process. The result? There is none.

And it doesn't matter whether you illuminate B2B content marketing, content marketing in Austria or data protection in content marketing. It is always about this communication process in every business that wants to grow.

Understanding content marketing: what it takes to be successful in corporate communications

The goals that we can pursue with content marketing are complex and range from image building and community building to supporting sales and generating leads. Nevertheless, I - and quite deliberately - presented content marketing as a communication approach.

We all need this Awareness that content marketing is an approachthat does not bring anything new into the world, but changes the relationships and processes of the existing - in the best case, optimizes them. That is the first requirement that can be met for success.

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It is just as important to take a close look at what is actually fixed in your communication process and cannot be exchanged. Remember we had:

  • Channel
  • Embassy
  • channel
  • receiver
  • aim

It's pretty clear from my perspective. The fixed stars of this process are two people: you and your recipient. Everything else can be modeled and optimized.

In a nutshell, this means:

We have to be aware that the most important element of any communicative activity is always the human being.

Communication is part of the basis of human relationships. We always communicate and markets are today, and always have been, conversations between people - only the way we communicate has changed.

Despite technical aids, people still communicate with other people. Our content is aimed at other people. Everything we do and say, we do for other people because we depend on feedback from others in order to be able to develop ourselves.

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The most important thing in content marketing is people.

This post is based on an article from March 2015. A lot has happened since then, even if my basic statement has remained the same.

What do you think about that? I am very curious about your opinions and I look forward to hearing from you. I am also available for all your questions.