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This youtube channel is the best thing that has ever been done with eggs

A video titled "How to Join the Illuminati" starts like this ...

Even in childhood we are told that there are things that simply do not belong. These include picking your nose in public, being cheeky with adults and, most importantly, playing with food. However, there is one guy in Australia who doesn't seem to care much. In his HowToBasicVideos, with which he now enthuses over 3.5 million people, you will find instructions on all sorts of different things from everyday life. Executed in a way that sometimes makes you doubt whether you still have all the cups in the cupboard.

We spoke to him and learned more about the background to the "Instructions for Your Everyday Life".

... and ends up here pretty quickly.

VICE: How did you come up with the idea for the HowToBasic videos?
HowToBasic: I've always wanted to make YouTube videos but didn't really know what to do. It should be funny and at the same time something original. One day I was sitting at home bored and got the idea to produce short videos and upload them. When I speak of short, I also mean short, really short! My first video was three seconds long and was called "How to Pick Up an Umbrella". They have changed a lot since then. Now they are much longer and more exciting. At first, I didn't get a lot of clicks for my videos, which is actually no wonder. Who the hell is looking for "how to pick up an umbrella" or "how to close a door"?

So I decided to go in an unusual direction and think a little bit outside the box. So I started making instruction videos with that certain something for recipes. That was actually the basis for my YouTube channel and my future videos.

To cut a long story short: I don't really know how I got the idea. It just happened that way.

Who is the person behind the How To Basic videos?
Actually, I'm a perfectly normal guy who can hardly prepare a meal without destroying it. I'm sure there are hundreds of people like me. Or not?

"How to quickly open a Chupa Chups"

Do you have a problem with eggs in real life?
My problem with eggs? Maybe I love her ?! Or maybe I hate them profoundly and wish they didn't exist? I'd rather let others decide.

Where does your urge to destroy things come from? Is there a deeper meaning? Are you perhaps criticizing today's consumer society with your tireless destruction of objects?
As far as I know, my dad and mom have no problem keeping me from my destructive escapades in the kitchen, so it's definitely safe to say it's not an inherited thing. But yes, my videos have a deeper meaning, but I don't want to reveal this at my current point in my career. Somehow I don't want people to see my videos differently, which they might if I revealed it. I love hearing people theories about why I'm doing these videos!

Do you live alone? If not, are the people who live with you pissed off by the chaos you regularly create?
No, I don't live alone. The people I live with don't find it particularly enthusiastic about all the egg yolks that splash up on the roof - but I don't know exactly why either. I think it's heavenly!

Where do you always get new ideas from?
Most of my videos are suggestions from my viewers! They comment on my videos and send me suggestions on my Facebook page or on Twitter.

Most of the time they just give me one title to work with and then I actually make up everything that happens in the video. Each of my videos is the product of a long planning phase, which includes undressing myself completely and taking a long bath in egg yolks. That gets my brain convolutions going and gives free rein to the ideas!

Vice: What was the strongest comment you've received so far?
As with all Youtubers, there are days when you are exposed to massive criticism. Some people even go as far as threatening me and my balls. To be honest, I don't know which of the comments was the most violent. Let's put it this way, there have been some pretty violent ones!

There are people who are really pissed off about the waste of food in your videos. How do you deal with it?
Are these people there? Haha i'm just kidding! There are a few things to think about:

1. There is a tremendous amount of food being thrown away from supermarkets every day. If you don't buy it, it will just be thrown away, it's that simple. Don't you think that buying the groceries and entertaining people is a better option?

2. I buy the products I use for my videos from local producers. That creates jobs and lets people keep their jobs.

3. Believe it or not, my videos have no negative effect on the hungry people of the world.

4. I get a lot of positive messages from my viewers every day. Many of them say that my videos help them get through a difficult time in their life as they always put a smile on their face. Actually, that's why I'm doing these videos.

Vice: What is your personal top 5 in the How To video series?

Wow, that's not easy. These are a few of my favorite videos:

How To Make a Cocktail

How To Resurrect a Chicken

How To Fight a Chicken

How To Make a Krabby Patty

How To Dye Your Hair

What is your plan for the future?
Continue to produce videos and share my knowledge with the world. Video by video. Between Us: There are also rumors that one will be soon HowToBasic-Cookbook should appear! I'm really looking forward to it! So, peel your eggs!

What can you tell people about you who don't know you yet?
Hi, nice to meet you! The content of my videos isn't for everyone, but the only way to find out if it's something for you is to go to my YouTube channel and watch one of my videos. Who knows, maybe you can even learn a thing or two!

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