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100 reasons to be grateful

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Gratitude in all its abundance can best be felt when we are aware of what we are specifically grateful for.

When we are grateful, we turn our attention to anything positive. This is where our energy flows and we feel good - with every thought in gratitude we come more into the feeling of fullness, because we see what is already there - not what (apparently) is still missing.

The most beautiful way to manifest gratitude and abundance is with a list. I just went ahead and made a list of 100 things that I'm really grateful for. They make my life beautiful, give me security and give me quality of life. You came to my mind very spontaneously, and I could go on writing this list for a long time. Do you find yourself in some points? Maybe you want some inspiration - or just write your list! You can also write down very personal and very specific things and situations from your life. I hope you enjoy it!

I am thankful for ...

1. Green meadows
2. A hot bath
3. Food on the table
4. A roof over your head
5. Open minded people
6. Open-hearted people
7. Family
8. My parents
9. The ability to travel
10. Clean drinking water
11. Every part of me that is healthy
12. To be without pain
13. A good book and books in general
14. Coaching
15. Morning coffee
16. Electricity
17. Medical progress
18. To feel and give love
19. Freedom of choice: being able to say yes and no
20. The freedom of choice, to be able to let go of people
21. Getting involved with people
22. The Internet with its possibilities
23. That climate protection is on everyone's lips
24. Sports
25. Own talents
26. The personal potential
27. Honey toast with butter
28. Your own strength
29. People who help
30. Clothes that are beautiful, comfortable and, if necessary, also warm
31. A cozy duvet
32. Delivery service for pizza and sushi
33. Accept change
34. The availability of drugs
35. The possibility of anesthesia and pain relievers
36. A nice picture on the wall
37. Mood boards
38. Fragrance lamps and incense sticks
39. The love of children
40. Fresh herbs
41. Youtube
42. My hairdresser
43. My weaknesses
44. Air freshener
44. Plants that grow
45. The day the money comes
46. ​​Money in itself
47. Honest people
48. Generosity
49. Friendly people on the street
50. Great colleagues / customers / business partners
51. The seasons
52. When children laugh
53. Human rights
54. Cuddle
55. That we can change and start anew every day
56. Dreams, visions and goals
57. A job
58. My dentist
59. Education
60. Childcare
61. The imagination
62. Having neighbors
63. Forgiveness
64. Reconciliation
65. Who I am
66. The people who bring out the best in me
67. The people in whom I bring out the best
68. Rain
69. Respect
70. Curiosity
71. The heater in the car
72. Warm water
73. Warm autumn sun
74. That all doors are open to us
75. The forest
76. Vegetables from the garden
77. End of work
78. My to-do list
79. Nachos with chili sauce
80. friends
81. The feeling of freedom
82. Free time
83. Public transport
84. Affirmation cards
85. Sleep
86. Feel the anticipation
87. Laughter
88. My yoga mat
89. Yoga apps
90. Different apps at all
91. Chewing gum
92. When it's warm at home
93. Cosmetics
94. The sea
95. Supermarkets
96. Photos and the opportunity to take pictures
97. Compassion
98. Spotify
99. My vacuum cleaner
100. That I can go on and on with this list for a long time!

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