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Translation of "the trick" in Dutch

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de truc
I turn the box over and there it happens the trick.
Ik draai de doos rond en dan treedt de truc op.
So maybe is the trickTo become a beard bass.
Misschien is de truc om een ​​beard bass te been.
This is the trick, or survive
This is the trickhow to stay young, right?
Dat is het secret van jong blijven, don't you think so?
I know, how the trick goes.
The bigger and easier the trickthe easier its exercise.
Hoe groter en ouder de truc... des te makkelijker te winnen.
First of all, you have no idea how the trick is working.
First of all, I never didn’t have a seal with the secret van de truc.
This is the trick in the matter of the flesh.
Dat is de truc op het gebied van vlees.
The point is, the trick wasn't looking too closely.
Het punt is, de truc is om niet van Dichtbij te kijken.
Someone so ready to lose That they won't even be a suspect until the trick worked.
Someone who is already in love is om te ... dat he zelfs geen suspect zou zijn totdat de truc geklaard what.
OK, the trick in tug-of-war it is to go small at the front with our strongest at the end.
Oké, you de truc With touwtrekken is small aan de voorkant with our strongest achteraan.
Yes but the trick is not to narrow it down enough to exclude the subject.
Yes, maar de truc is het niet zo ver te diminish dat we de suspected uitsluiten.
Could you somehow show us how the trick is working?
Zou u ons misschien can laten zien hoe de truc works
Now the trick with the black and white rabbit.
So now ... de truc met het witte en zwarte konijn!
Self the trick with the corn allotments far from the polling stations had been predicted by the opposition.
Zelfs de truc met de maïsbedelingen, ver van de stembureau's was door de oppositie op voorhand voorspeld.
Do you see, the trick is to never lose sight of the goal.
De truc is, dat je altijd je oog op het doel houdt.
Do you want to know how the trick is working?
Did you figure out how the trick is working?
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