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Practice immobility, occupy yourself with inactivity, find pleasure in renunciation, and you see the great in the small, the many in the little.

All over the world, parents love their children.

When you catch fish and crabs, don't forget to work in the fields.

There are no paths above the clouds, we have to take the path on earth.

A mountain can collapse over sitting and eating.

A butterfly cannot judge snow.

Going beyond your target is just as bad as not getting there.
(This saying is used as a quote from Confucius and as a Chinese proverb in Germany.)

Do not worry about the past, turn to the future.

Leftover rice is difficult to warm up; a second marriage is difficult to establish.

To get to the source (if you want to go to the source), you have to swim against the current.

To turn a blunt ax into a needle, all it takes is work.

To understand your parents' love, you must raise children yourself.

A stench spreads around a rotten fish, and a subtle scent around an orchid.

To achieve great things, the mind must be wide and serene.

A hundred years are not enough to create something good. A day is enough to destroy it.

To see it by a hair's breadth is to go a thousand miles astray.

And if you have the strength to move a mountain, you still need a mind that is as big and as calm as an ocean.

False humility is real presumption.

The heart of man is as insatiable as the snake that tries to devour an elephant.

Family strife is quickly exploited by strangers.

Bad profit is like bad money; the more one has of it, the greater the danger.
(German proverb with a similar meaning: Wrong won, evil vanished.)

Unclear words are like a blind mirror.

Our desires are like little children: the more you give in to them, the more demanding they become.

Under Heaven there are two gentlemen who are always in a hurry: Mr. Advantage and Mr. Glory.

The old are best among men, the new among clothes.

There are no weak soldiers under a strong general.

A brave man is often hidden under a worn hat.

Everything is common among friends.

Even the water is sweet among friendly people.

Among the skillful there are still more skillful ones, among the clever there are still more intelligent ones.

There is one good person out of a hundred in the world.

You will find all sorts among a hundred people.

Suddenly you become an old man with silver-white hair.

Man is ignorant when he is born. He is already old knowing. When man has become knowing, his end is suddenly imminent.

Burned sacrificial money flies in the wind, reading the sutra is the priest's benefice.

Spend some time with yourself every day.

The past is bright as a mirror, the future is dark as black paint.

Past matters. Future is important. But we live in the present!

Never waste your time.

Don't forgive yourself if you pick up the paintbrush to accuse yourself.

Don't shed tears if you can still hope.

Compare yourself to those who are better off and you are dissatisfied; but compare yourself to the worse off, and you have more than enough.

Do not use the hatchet to chase the fly off your friend's forehead.

If you sell your son, don't stroke his head. Otherwise it is that a stream of tears breaks from your eye.

If the Son of Heaven violates the law, he will be punished like everyone else.

Slander does not shake a wise man.

Lost trust does not return.

If we were all able to be friendly (polite) for a day: The enmity among people would turn into love.

Don't neglect your own field to weed someone else's!

Reason is not revealed without a dispute.

Close your mouth like a bottle, guard your mind like a city.

Don't close the gates; plug the holes.

Block the way and people would seek to walk on it. Open the gates wide and they will pass to find something to trample on.

Never try to catch two frogs with one hand.

Trust is the sister of responsibility.

Turn big difficulties into small ones and small ones into none at all.

Relatives are only related and friends are only friends if they are equal.

Forgiveness is not foolishness, only a fool cannot forgive.

Forgive the son: then you will not be honored. Forgive the dog: then he jumps on the stove.

Many books do not dry up words, many words do not dry up thinking.

Lots of chickens little eggs, lots of people little order.

Many sons - many fears. Lots of sons - good luck.

Lots of carpenters build you a crooked house.

Planting a lot doesn't bring in as much as caring for the field carefully.

Lots of brushwood creates high flames. Many people help to make the right decision.

Four horses are not fast enough to overtake the tongue.

Birds in cages speak of flying. Free birds fly.

Perfection knows no selfishness.

Talking about good is not difficult, doing good is far more than that.

Talking doesn't cook the rice.

Of the thirty-six ways to escape, running away is the best.

Keep half of the speech on the tip of your tongue to yourself.

You don't pull two skins off a buffalo.

Nine out of ten wet nurses are concubines.

Be afraid of evil tongues.

Be dressed in front of your parents, undress in front of your husband.

There are always many sick people at the door of a good doctor.

There is a lot of talk going on at a widow's door.

Beware of vicious women all year round, and thieves every night.

Out of sheer magnanimity, he lifts the column to give away the base.

Cautious seldom go wrong.

Protruding rafters rot first.
If the beans grow right up to the roof, they always remain a vegetable.

If you choose woman, you choose virtue. If you choose mistresses, you choose youth.

True friendship is not exchanged for a thousand horses.

True love is selfless and without desire.

If the sisters-in-law maintain harmony, we do not waste our wealth. If the brothers are of one mind, it works as well as a pill against anger.

True words hurt your ears.

Truth is the source of courage.

If a wise woman rules the house, the men will not be unhappy.

Never wait until you have time because then it could be too late.

Why Know Many Characters to Be a Famous Doctor?

What everyone hates and what everyone loves needs to be examined.

What comes out of your mouth goes in other people's ears.

What the ear cannot hear does not burden the heart.

What the name of man is to the tree is shadow.

What satisfies hunger is good food.

What the plow cannot do, the harrow can do.

What the eyes cannot see does not annoy the heart.

What the crowd says is sacred.

What you think is the top is only one level.

What you can see you can speak of.

What you give away is yours. What you keep is lost to you.

What a hero wants to become shows up in youth.

What matches in tone resonates with one another. What is electively related in the innermost being seeks one another.

What is gold worth, after all, happiness and peace have no price.

What is love? Not wanting to swap a hut with a palace, overlooking vices and mistakes with a smile, devotion without the slightest hesitation.
Chinese pavilion "Yulan-Xiang-Yin" (Magnolia Fragrance Path Pavilion), set up on October 6, 1988 in the Hamburg Botanical Garden as a gift from the twin city Shanghai.

What is easily gained is easily lost.

What you want, you should let go first.

What cannot be sewn with one needle cannot be sewn with ten needles.

What good is it to someone who has no light in his heart to light a candle?

Pouring out water is easy, picking it up again is difficult.

Water that you cannot drink must be made to flow.

Water can carry the boat and can sink the boat.

If you don't water the field, it will take revenge.

The water and earth of the homeland form their kind of people.

What can be said is far from over.

What are friends who don't fight too?

What is beyond your strength will not be a good job.

What obstructs our path brings us forward.

What is good can also do a lot of harm.

What does a swallow know about a swan's dreams?

What we negotiated yesterday no longer applies today: A storm rose from the north at midnight.

Some people burn their cotton wool because of a louse.

You don't slaughter a chicken because of one more guest.

Back off to go ahead.

Wine discovers the secrets of the heart.

Wine doesn't make people drunk. People make themselves drunk.

Wine should be consumed in small doses, knowledge in large doses.

Wisdom begins with calling things by their names.

To whom profit beckons, the real justice.

If heaven loves, he sends a friend.

Eating less but more often leads to healing.

A little bit is better than knowing something about everything.

Few wishes - fresh courage, a lot of worries - sick blood.

If even a basket full of earth is missing, the whole construction fails.

If the egg cannot break the millstone, it can at least stain it with its yolk.

When the fire has burned the bottom of the pot, you know what poverty is.

If the city gate catches fire, the fish in the pond will not be spared from the misfortune.

If fate wants it, it will bring people over a thousand li together. If fate does not want it, neighbors will never meet.

When the water no longer has waves, it has come to rest on its own.

If the water is too clean, the fish cannot survive.

When the tiger's fur itches, it takes a mud bath.

If the tree falls, the monkeys will scatter.

When the enemy flees, all become heroes.

If Heaven created a person, there must be a task for him too.

If the sky is about to rain and your mother is married, there is no herb against it.

When the farmer has harvested the grain, he begins to litigate or build on his house.

If the man you want to kill does not die, he will seek vengeance forever.

When man has become knowing, his end is suddenly imminent.

When the upper lazy gives orders to the lazy, the lazy just opens his eyes.

If the argument is none of my business, I don't need to be beaten.

When the wise man points to the moon, the idiot only sees the finger.

When the wind of change blows, some build protective walls and others build windmills.
This is not a Chinese proverb, but it is used to promote wind energy.
Information on this on the website of the East Asia Institute in Ludwigshafen

When the flowers bloom, serve wine. When the moon is full, climb a tower.

When the magpies screech in front of the hall, visitors will soon come.

When the fingers scratch, the thumb always goes with them.

When the cat howls, the mice take pity.

If the grain junk doesn't come north, rice becomes expensive like pearls.

If people only spoke of what they understand, there would soon be a great silence on earth.

If the mother is frivolous, the daughter is sure to be flighty.

If the names aren't right, the words aren't true.

When the roots are deep, there is no need to fear the wind.
(In addition to China, Levante is also sometimes mentioned as the origin.)

When three persons are of one heart, even clay turns into gold.

If you talk by the wayside, you can be heard in the grass.

Even if you walk daily through the halls of power, still carry the air of mountains forests within you.

Even if you have ten thousand fields, you can only eat one measure of rice a day; if your house contains a thousand rooms, you can only need eight feet of space at night.

If you want to give up drinking, look sober at a drunk man.

If you can't defeat your opponent, then you have to hug them.

If you have the strength to move a mountain, you still need a mind as big and as calm as an ocean.

If you have a green branch in your heart, a songbird will eventually perch on it.

When you see a person doing a good work, forget about his hundred mistakes.

If you see a giant, first check the position of the sun to see if it is not just the shadow of a dwarf.

If you see a giant who wants to fight you, then be without fear. First examine the position of the sun, then you will see that the giant is perhaps just the shadow of a dwarf.

If you want to be happy for a lifetime: love your work!

If you want to eat, don't offend the cook.

If you want peace, please satisfy the bailiff first.

If you are in a rush, go slowly.

If you want to be interesting, be interested; if you want to have joy, rejoice; if you want to be loved, be lovable; if you need help, be helpful yourself.

If you sit by the river long enough, you will eventually see the body of your enemy swimming by.

When you let go, you have two hands free.

If you have power, never use it; if you have power, do not use it to the full.

If you ever cheat on me - your shame. If you cheat on me twice - my shame.

If you do not take the path to heaven, you will go to hell by yourself, even if it were without gates.

If you don't say he's bald, he won't say you are blind.

If you can't be a star in the sky, at least be a lamp in the house.

If you are in debt, you must diligently visit the creditor.

If you don't have hair on your own head, don't abuse others as bald.

If you give incessantly, you will have incessantly.

When you are in love, even a monkey is beautiful; if you are not in love, even the lotus flower is ugly.

When you understand that others are different from you, then you start to become wise.

When you drink water, think about the spring too.

When you walk out the door, ask for directions. If you go to a foreign country, ask about the prevailing customs.

When a blind person notices money, his eyes open immediately. When a monk notices the money, he brings the sutras up for sale.

When a thief bites, his teeth go three inches deep into the bones.

If a kite wants to fly, it has to fly against the wind.

When one family builds a wall, two families benefit from it.

If two people act in the same direction, we can turn clay into gold.

If an enemy harmed you, give a trumpet to each of their children.

When a scholar has been away for three days, one has to look at him with new eyes.

When a dog eats, it does not bar its teeth.

If a man doesn't have a nickname, he'll never get rich.

When a man becomes impoverished, he remembers his old debtors.

When a neighbor takes office, everyone has reason to be happy.

If a tiger drapes itself with a rosary, it is false piety.

When it comes to blaming others, even a fool gets smart.

If there is one belief that can move mountains, it is belief in one's own strength.

When there is a lot of thunder, there is little rain.

When friends come from afar, the joy is twice as great.

When siblings live with a shared inheritance for three years, they become like neighbors.

If your destiny is good, then you don't have to be violent. If your heart is good, then you don't have to be abstinent.

When residents break the law, the owner is to blame.

If I have a green branch in my heart, the songbird will perch on it.

If I don't seduce another woman, the other will not seduce my wife either.

If capital and profit are poor, then credit is out of your mind.

If there is no rain, do not sow wheat.

When there is light in the soul, there is beauty in man.

When you're on the summit, it's all downhill.

If you look at a leopard through a pipe, you can only see one spot.
(If you only look at part of a whole, you can usually not infer the whole from that part.)

If you have money, you can even get the devil to push the millstone.
(With enough money, you can achieve almost anything.)

If you don't talk to each other, you become an enemy.

If one desires wealth, the man should plow and the woman weave.
(That means if a family wants to make something, everyone has to work for it.)

If one does not move oneself, what else can one call heaven?
(Only when you have done your best can you expect help from others and stronger ones.)

When rats infest the palace, a lame cat is more valuable than the fastest horse.

When there is room in the heart, there is also room in the house.
(also Danish proverb)

If man does not reflect on himself, heaven and earth will destroy him.

If there's no breeze, the trees won't move.

When loyalty is fun, then it is love.

When the clothes are warm and the stomach is happy, the wisdom of the fathers also gives comfort.

Anyone who waits at the edge of the well until the water rises from the depths will die of thirst.

Those who live by the river understand the fish.

Anyone who leaves a granary on the death bed is weeping a lot.

Anyone who has friends in the four seas thinks they can smell the scent of orchids everywhere.

Cheating on others is cheating on yourself.

Those who measure others with themselves have a heart like Buddha.

Anyone who thinks of revenge digs two graves.

Whoever believes in his dreams sleeps away in his life.

He who is poor does not have to be poor in will.

Those who endure poverty can also preserve wealth.

Anyone who swallows medicine but does not adhere to the diet will try the doctor in vain.

Whoever wins, the banker always benefits.

Anyone who goes on the hunt for a tiger must expect to meet (find) a tiger.
(One must fear the same in India.)

Those who seek revenge dig two graves.

If you go traveling, don't let your silver be seen.

Who but saints is free from error?

If you want to paint bamboo, you have to have it in your heart.

Those who follow officials eat their rice.

Whoever understands does not gossip, whoever gossips does not understand.

Anyone who laughs at insolence makes himself complicit.

Those who are sluggish when sowing will be jealous when harvesting.

If you want to be popular, sell on Borg and don't ask for the money back.

Anyone who has ties to the court can easily become an official.

Whoever sees the outside also knows the inside.

If you haven't tasted the bitter, you will hardly appreciate the sweet.

Whoever wants to widen the field of his happiness must make the bottom of his heart even.

Those who know the measure will never embarrass themselves.

Anyone who can tie a bell around the tiger can also take it off him again.

Who plows the field, get up early; those who trade, do the math more often.

Whoever wants the apple pulls down the branch, whoever wants the daughter caresses the mother cheerfully.

Whoever knows the enemy and himself can fight a hundred battles without danger.
Whoever knows the opponent and himself will remain victorious in a hundred battles.

If you put out the spark, you don't have to put out your thatched roof.

Whoever sees the sky in the water sees the fish on the trees.

Never get angry or in a single day you could burn the wood you gathered over many acidic weeks.

Those who start Monday with a smile will harvest sweet tea on Friday.

Anyone who believes the woman is cheating. Whoever does not believe her will be betrayed.

Anyone who taught you one day is your father for life.

Whoever catches thieves should also catch the loot. Whoever catches adulterers should always catch both.

Anyone who sees through people's feelings will notice how hollow they are.

Those who sell the secrets of others give their own cheap.

Those who seize the opportunity in passing don't need happy dreams.

Those who can foresee the events of three days will be rich for a thousand years.

If you don't keep the trenches in order, you lose your field in the end.

If you keep your hands still, you also keep your mouth shut.

Whoever loves people always has a big family.

Whoever finds the middle sees the whole.

Anyone who hears the news that a mountain has been moved should believe it. Anyone who hears that a person has changed his character should not believe it.

those who speak the truth, need fast horses.

He who seeks the truth must not be frightened (frightened) when he finds it.

Whoever seeks the truth must also be able to endure it.

Do not envy those who are superior to you, do not despise those who are inferior to you.

If you haven't eaten for three days, you won't stop at anything.

Those who are honest always move forward.

Those who are stubborn often burn the wood in one day that they have collected over many years.

Anyone building a hut doesn't start with the thatched roof.

Anyone who harms a poor person is really mean.

If you get to know another person, you get to know yourself at the same time.

If you lead a buffalo to water, you first get your feet wet.

If you don't force a guest, you will offend him.

If you have a green branch in your heart, the birds will sing a song to you.

Those who can overcome a little anger can save themselves a hundred years of grief.

Anyone who experiences a need knows what a hundred needs are.

Anyone who rides a tiger can no longer dismount.

Those who plant a forest to raise tigers in it will be eaten up by the tigers when they are big.

Anyone who feeds a wolf instead of a dog has trouble looking after the house.

Anyone who has been a civil servant for life is born a beggar seven times.

Whoever was my teacher one day is my father for a lifetime.

Anyone who wants to forge iron must have tough parents themselves.

If you want to be successful, you have to make an effort.

Whoever wants to eat should not offend the cook.

If you want to see something special, you have to look at what others ignore.

Whoever has something will know that they are respected, whoever looks (ugly) and shabby will be bitten by the dog.

Anyone who has something to sell is not considered poor.

Those who stand firmly on both feet need not fear storms.

Anyone who asks is a fool for five minutes. Who does not ask remains a fool forever.

Those who have children early also benefit early. Anyone who marries early must also get angry early.

If you have guests, prepare tea.

Whoever has money is a dragon, whoever doesn't have one is a worm.

Anyone who has money and no children is not really rich; those who have children and no money are not really poor.

Whoever eats vegetables becomes strong. Whoever eats meat becomes brave. He who eats rice becomes wise. Whoever eats air becomes holy.

Those who steal vegetables do not hide in the vegetable garden.

Whoever walked straight paths on earth will become immortal straight away.

Whoever creates laws must be strict, whoever applies laws must be lenient.

Those who live happily do not know what happiness means.

If you want big things, you have to do the small things first.

Who earns good, does not work hard. If you make an effort, you don't earn well.

Anyone who trades has to be friendly.

Whoever hates is deaf. Whoever envies is blind. He who is angry is paralyzed. Only those who love have no defects.

Those who hunt deer do not look out for hares.

Those who sow millet do not count on beans.

Those who steal honey should be wary of stings.

Anyone who knows a hundred ways sometimes thinks they are the greatest.

Those who do not sow anything in spring have nothing to harvest in autumn.

If you've lost a needle in the hay, look for it in the hay.

If you want to be happy in life, you have to learn to love your work.

Anyone who falls asleep afraid of a bad dream is definitely not dreaming well.

If you blow into the fire, sparks easily fly into your eyes.

If you fall into a well, a large stone will surely fall on you.
(Comparable proverbs in Germany: An accident seldom comes alone. And it has gone from bad to worse.)

Anyone who goes into a room full of orchids will soon no longer notice their scent.

Whoever goes in rags has few friends. Anyone who has friends everywhere lives in quarrels and arguments.

Anyone who ponders each step beforehand will spend their entire life on one leg.

If you don't have stamina with small things, the big plan will fail.

If you don't have thick skin, don't let tiger paws caress you.

If you can't catch fish, catch crabs.

Those who do not dare to start a new life are left with the old end.

If you don't have a friendly face, you shouldn't open a shop.

If you have no money, you can be buried in a rice barrel with your mouth sewn shut.

Those who do not trust others will find that they have none in them.

If you are clever, you will not stumble a second time in the same place.

Those who stay long are not a guest of honor. Those who come often are not welcomed.
(If a guest stays too long, he becomes a nuisance. Those who come too often become unpopular in the long run.)

Those who are ill for a long time become a doctor themselves.

Those who make easy promises should not be trusted.

Whoever plants melons harvests melons, whoever plants beans harvests beans.

Those who educate people educate their hearts, just like watering the roots when watering flowers.

He who has knowledge of human nature is good; whoever has self-knowledge is enlightened.

Anyone who insults me in the face can still be a respectable man and my friend.

Anyone who praises me constantly is either a fool who despises me or a villain who wants to deceive me.

He who flatters me is my enemy; whoever rebukes me is my teacher.

If you want to talk to others, look at their expression. If you disagree with someone, don't force a conversation on them.

Anyone who deals in flowers says that they are all fragrant.

Anyone who knows how to write with a brush is nowhere dependent on others.

Anyone who comes with gifts certainly has a request.

Anyone who does good with their money has not used it in vain.

Those who are not at peace with themselves will find enemies everywhere.

If you haggle with street vendors, don't try to outsmart them.

Those who are hated at forty remain so for the rest of their lives.

He who shows courage gives courage.

Those who strive for fame go to court. Those who strive for profit go to the market.

Those who live close to the temple also know how to deceive the gods.

Whoever took the mask off his face can do anything that suits his needs.

Whoever does not listen to the word of the ancients will later regret it.

Those who do not live in the country do not know what hardship and bitterness are.

If you don't climb the high mountains, you don't know the plain.

Anyone who does not enjoy when they are blessed still beats the rudder when the sails are up.

If you don't get up at dawn, you don't have any more time to sleep.

If you can't smile, don't open a shop.

Anyone who does not reach for cash with claws is out of place in merchants' halls.

Whoever does not climb over the ridge does not get into the plain.

Whoever does not know how to hear only hears noise.

Anyone who has never climbed a mountain does not know how high the sky is.

Anyone who has never been betrayed cannot become a business expert.

Those who have never been cheated themselves are of little use to the retailer world.

If you only hike on sunny days, you will never reach your destination.

If you only think about filling your stomach, you will starve your head.

Those who only know themselves do not know that there are others.

If you want to be clean, you have to wash yourself.

Whoever eats rice do not forget the sower.

Those who love radishes will also sow them.

Those who live warm and full think of lust. Those who starve and freeze think about stealing.

Who looks ahead, who looks back, remains unfamiliar with the deficiency.

Anyone who does a bad job puts the blame on the blunt tool.

If you are not straight yourself, how should the other do it?

If you want to learn to swim, you have to jump into the water.

If you keep your cats fed up, the siskin nests in your garden.

If you want to lead your children to prosperity, you let them starve and freeze a little.

If you don't give your mule food, you'll soon be walking.

If you cheat your appetite, you avoid debt.

Those who run after their youth run straight into the arms of old age.

Those who sacrifice their conscience to ambition burn a picture to get the ashes.

Whoever opens his heart to ambition closes it to calm.

Who knows his heart, distrusts his eyes.

Whoever tries hard will never attain perfection. This includes peace and quiet that meets all expectations.

If you call yourself a farmer, you pick up the hoe.

Those who know how to enjoy life do not need to amass riches.

Those who choose a goal with a firm mind will pierce a mountain to the sea.

He who does not change has not lived.

Whoever cannot get upset is a fool, but whoever does not want to get upset is a wise man.

If you don't venture into the tiger cave, you won't catch a tiger cub.

Those who trust themselves to do everything will surpass others.

Those who put themselves in danger know best how to get out.

Those who know themselves also know others, because one heart is like another.

Whoever has silver will be chained to it, whoever has none can rest in bed.

He who has sons does not stay poor for long. Whoever has no sons does not stay rich forever.

Anyone who constantly pisses off the fact that others annoy them like to withhold the fact that they annoy others.
(Outdated expression, barmen: arouse sympathy, in northern Germany: whine, lament.)

Whoever hung around, starves, goes hungry.

Nobody complains about someone who is always polite.

Anyone who stutters and saves with words doesn't have to be a fool. Anyone who gossips a lot and has a real disgrace does not have to be a smart head.

Those who prance around are only doing it for the people.

Forgiveness is more valuable than patience.

If you think long and hard about every step, you will stand on one leg for life.

He who gives incessantly will have incessantly.

Whoever rushes forward will suddenly retreat.