What are best design low-cost house

Low budget houses in comparison: prices and manufacturers

Modular house, living container & Co.

Low budget houses in the form of residential containers offer an inexpensive alternative. The core is based on old sea containers, which saves construction costs. At the same time, resources are saved, which means that owners protect the environment. A low budget house often also makes sense from an ecological point of view. Green Project, for example, offers a turnkey container house with 3 rooms and around 30 square meters of living space for 34,000 euros.

A currently particularly popular form of low budget houses are tiny houses. These are small mobile houses with no more than 15 square meters of living space. These are placed on a trailer frame and can change location at any time. The only requirement: a car with a trailer coupling. The prices for turnkey tiny houses start at 20,000 euros. This makes them one of the cheapest among the budget houses.

Modular houses are also an inexpensive option to buy your own home. These are small prefabricated houses in the form of individual living modules. The modules can be flexibly combined. This enables owners to enlarge their property at any time by adding an additional module or to reduce it again later. This possibility means that homeowners can adapt their living space in size and shape to their current needs at any time. This means that not only are the acquisition costs cheap, but also the ongoing maintenance. Since the living space of the low budget houses can be adjusted, there are never more energy costs than necessary. The ECO A1 residential module from McCube is available turnkey from 99,000 euros.

Find the right low budget house

Which house is the right one cannot be said in general, but depends on the respective life plan. The fact is: The growing supply of cheap houses makes the dream of owning a home affordable for more and more people.

With prices starting at 20,000 euros, tiny houses are the cheapest homes. At 15 square meters, however, it is too small for most families. Modular houses are particularly suitable for families. As soon as the offspring are old enough, owners can connect a living module as a children's room. If the child moves out, the module can be sold. This needs-based adaptation makes modular houses not only popular low budget homes, but also a sustainable solution. More and more people are turning to alternative forms of living, not only for financial, but also for ecological reasons. Saving doesn't mean sacrificing comfort at the same time. Many small houses are comparable to a condominium in terms of living comfort.