What are some creative films like Inception

Just in time for the start of the DVD and Blu-ray of "Inception", director Christopher Nolan answers a few questions about the interpretation of his celebrated work. Caution: spoilers!

From December 3rd, DVD and Blu-ray of Christopher Nolan's sci-fi action thriller "Inception" will be available in German stores. The director takes advantage of the occasion and answers a few questions about the film that have probably been burning the fan base since the premiere.

question: Is "Inception" a film about filmmaking? Cobb is the director, Ariadna the scriptwriter, Eames the art director, Saito the producer and Fischer the audience.

Nolan: No, I didn't want to make a film about filmmaking. But the creative process that I know has influenced me.

question: Are Cobb's kids still part of his dream in the end?

Nolan: In the end, the children do not wear the same clothes as in Cobb's memory and they have also aged. We worked with other actors in the last scene.

question: Does the top continue to turn at the end or not?

Nolan: It is much more important that Cobb no longer pays attention to the top. He doesn't care anymore.

question: Is the plot designed so ambiguously that the film offers more than one answer?

Nolan: Oh no, I have an answer.