What makes the steering stiff

When the steering wheel is difficult to turn ...

Do you suddenly have to use more force to turn the steering wheel, for example when maneuvering? If the steering becomes stiff, the cause is usually a defect in the power steering. This is because the power steering increases the force that is applied to the steering wheel - mostly hydraulically, i.e. by means of oil pressure, but in some cars by an electric motor.
In the latter systems, a diagnostic device is preferably used for troubleshooting; the triggers for a failure can be varied (fuses, sensors, defective electric motor). With hydraulic power steering, a pump in the engine compartment, which is connected to the steering gear via lines, provides the necessary oil pressure. The pump is driven by the combustion engine via a V-belt.

Check the power steering

If the steering is stiff, troubleshooting starts with the V-belt, which must be correctly tensioned and, of course, must not be torn. Otherwise the pump will not be driven and will not deliver any oil. But even if there is not enough hydraulic oil in the system, the pump swallows empty and cannot build up any pressure.
In this case the system will work again as soon as the oil has been topped up. Nevertheless, the power steering must be checked carefully. If there is a leak in an oil line, the pump will run "empty" again and again and be damaged as a result. However, you can continue to drive even if the power steering fails, the car can still be steered as before, but this requires greater muscle strength, especially when driving slowly.

Better to play it safe

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