How do I fight against a parking ticket

Dispute traffic tickets: what if the ticket is unauthorized?

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Contest tolls: stupidity does not protect against punishment

Why is the parking ticket actually called a traffic ticket? This linguistic conundrum is not 100 percent solved, but the most likely variant is that the nickname simply comes from the unpopularity of the messages that one would like to crumple up when received. At some point "crumple" should have become "Knöllchen". Another theory says that the word comes from the belittled "protocol roll".

Whatever the name of the ticket, it is almost always bad news. In fact, in most cases, it is rightly issued. You may be of the opinion that you can "just stand" for 10 minutes in a disabled parking space if you want to enjoy your important morning coffee at the bakery, but in fact you would be wrong. However, if you actually believe that you have been wrongly accused, it may be worth challenging the ticket. At this point, as always when it comes to legal questions, we have to note that we are not lawyers and therefore cannot offer legal advice valid in a court of law.

To contest a ticket, you need evidence

In order for the challenge to succeed, you absolutely should document the situation in questionbefore you set off again. Take a picture of your parking ticket under the windshield and keep it safe. Then take photos of your car showing the valve caps. Police officers like to use the position of the valve caps to prove that a vehicle has been moved. You only have to drive a few meters and the valves are in a different position to each other. You should also come up with an argument and gather evidence accordingly.

Driven too fast? When can you dispute the ticket?

It looks a little different with traffic cones caused by a speed camera. Here it becomes difficult and perhaps even illegal to document the circumstances photographically. So if you get caught in a speed camera or a radar control, you can dispute the ticket because it is incomplete. Allegedly up to 30 percent of all warning fines for speeding are invalidbecause the issuing officials made a bureaucratic mistake. This is where a lawyer can help.

On the other hand there can also be a so-called “justifying emergency”. The relatively complex legal text of the 13th paragraph of the Administrative Offenses Act states that the speed limit can be ignored if the danger to life, limb and property that it creates is less than the danger that is averted by driving too fast. That sounds vague, but in principle it is relatively simple. For example, you're on your way home and suddenly realize that the gas station sushi you had for lunch was probably not the best quality. You need to find a loo, IMMEDIATELY. So you're chasing around town with 80 things to forestall your digestion. In this case, there would be no emergency, because a ruined car seat and pants in the garbage can are no justification for the threat to human life. However, if you drive your mother-in-law to a doctor's appointment and she suddenly shows signs of a stroke, then you can drive faster than actually allowed, if this does not unduly endanger other people.

This is how you challenge a ticket

To contest a ticket above all, you shouldn't pay for it, because by doing so you acknowledge the legality of the ticket. If you want to be particularly courteous, you can object to a ticket before you have even received a fine. To do this, simply write a letter to the relevant authority, usually the public order office. In it you describe factual and as precise as possiblehow the situation is from your point of view. Under certain circumstances, the procedure will be discontinued at this point. Otherwise you will receive a fine in the next few days. You can then officially object to this, the correct way to do this is described in the notice of the fine.

Dispute Ticketing: Stay Professional

One more: Neither the public order office nor the fine department are happy if you waste their time or acts aggressively towards their employees. So stay calm, and most importantly, stay with the truth. Then you not only have the chance to contest your ticket, but go into possible negotiations even with the best possible conditions.