Is the connection of the muscles of the mind real?

With Qigong we learn to perceive and experience our "QI" (our life energy).
We sense what is good for us and what is not, our self-awareness is strengthened.
Qigong promotes the mobility of the body and mind. Muscles and tendons are stretched, flexible and flexible.
Taking care of myself and finding my balance is an important aspect of my practice.
Qigong strengthens our immune system, promotes the ability to concentrate, lifts the mood, acts against stress and exhaustion. Experience attention and mindfulness and implement it in small steps in life, just come to rest, let go.
Possible exercises are, for example, the origin of light, greet the day (evening), eye qigong, qigong for the back, meridian stretching exercises, finger exercises, teacup exercises, exercises from the Wudan series, or from the 18 movements of Taiji Qigong. As well as an outlook in scented qigong. Depending on the needs of the group, I work situation-oriented.

Note: meeting point in front of the old school, the courses will take place outdoors.

This is a Qigong course certified by the Central Prevention Unit (ZPP), which is recognized by most health insurance companies. The prerequisite for this is participation of at least 80 percent of the total hours.


Course No .: 211-30102A

Start:Tuesday, May 18, 2021, 5.45pm - 6.45pm

Duration: 12

Course location: Old school in Rembrücken, ground floor

Fee: 51,20 €

What to bring: Please wear comfortable clothing, thick socks or exercise shoes. A sleeping mat or blanket is helpful for the final quiet exercise, but you can also sit down.

Main street 23, Alte Schule Rembrücken, ground floor
Main street 23, Alte Schule Rembrücken, ground floor