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Babysitter hourly wages

Childcare is essential for you and you are now considering how you can organize childcare for your child? Then you have certainly come across the topic of costs when you were thinking about it. We'll show you what hourly babysitting wages you can expect and what factors this may depend on.


Babysitter costs: Minimum wage applies from the age of 18

Basically, the remuneration is always based on negotiation between you as parents and the caregiver.

However, if this is of legal age, you should always have a look at the minimum wage law. According to this law, the hourly wage for a babysitter - if he is 18 years or older - must be at least € 9.50 (as of 2021). The minimum wage does not (yet) apply to underage babysitters.

In addition, it is recommended that you register your babysitter. This gives you a fee of 14.99% (as of 2021), which of course you also have to take into account in the babysitting costs, but at the same time also some advantages (e.g. accident insurance for the carer).


The older the caregiver, the higher the hourly wage

The age of the carer certainly also has an influence on the hourly costs. In general: the older, the more expensive. It is particularly important to note that under 15s require parental permission to work. In addition, you are only allowed to work a maximum of 2 hours per day.

Here we have created a table with the average hourly wage of a babysitter and the approximate monthly costs, with appropriate information depending on the age group. This table helps you to calculate the wage and estimate the monthly burden. Monthly costs include the tax for employment as a 450 euro jobber of 14.74% and are calculated on an average working time of 4 hours per week.

Babysitter's ageHourly wagesMonthly Cost

All values: as of 2021.

Our tip:
When employing school-age minors, certain additional requirements must be met, including: regarding the nature of the activity. We have summarized all the important information for parents and students in our article on the topic of student work.


Babysitter: Fee depends on tasks

From evening care to picking up from kindergarten or school to homework supervision - the tasks of a babysitter can vary widely.

Of course, the various tasks should also be reflected in the babysitter's fee. Overnight or in the evening, when the child is asleep and the caregiver does not have to do much other than watching television, a lower hourly rate can therefore be paid than for day care, in which you are really busy with the child all the time. If the homework should also be supervised, this should also be taken into account.

Likewise, the babysitter's willingness to make his own car available for driving services should also be rewarded.

Guide values ​​for calculation:

  • Overnight care: - 1 € / hour
  • Supervisor uses his / her car for driving services: + 1 € / hour.
  • Additional homework supervision: +1 € / hour.

Our tip:
It is always advisable to set the prices for the nanny a little higher. This leads to the fact that the temporary worker is happy and motivated to come to work and does a good job. In addition, the babysitter may be more willing to be flexible in terms of time if there is a spontaneous need.


Number of children an important criterion

How high the costs are can also be related to how many children the care should be for.

The babysitting costs are higher if two or three children are cared for at the same time. After all, this task is a little more demanding than taking care of a single child. The higher effort should be reflected in the babysitting hourly wage. A graduation per child to be cared for is one possibility.

Guide value for calculation:

  • Per additional child to be looked after: + € 0.25 / hour.

Our tip:
Regardless of how high the wages for your child carer are, it is advisable to set these and other framework conditions in a contract. This brings you some advantages, such as: B. clear structures in conflict situations or tax deductibility.


Higher costs with more experience

The babysitter's experience also plays a role in calculating the hourly wage.

A student at the age of 12 or 13 who is probably taking on a part-time job for the first time may not have had that much experience in babysitting - with the exception of experience with smaller siblings. He will slowly approach a paid job and work as a babysitter.

Older babysitters usually have more experience. Someone who has attended a babysitting course or has even completed an apprenticeship or degree may have very different qualifications than a beginner. In addition to theoretical knowledge, he or she has certainly already had some practical experience. These experiences and qualifications allow trained workers or a student to be rewarded correspondingly higher.

Guide value for calculation:

  • Babysitter with babysitting diploma: + 2 € / hour
  • Trained babysitter (e.g. educator): + 5 € / hour.


Babysitter costs: Expensive big cities (especially in the south!)

A difference in the prices of babysitters can also result from regional differences in Germany.

In a big city such as For example, in Berlin, Hanover or Frankfurt, the hourly wage is often higher than in rural areas. The reason for this is that demand is generally higher in metropolitan areas than in rural areas. At the same time, the cost of living is often relatively high.

As in many other areas, the south is also the most expensive here, in cities like Munich or Stuttgart you should therefore set the hourly wage for your babysitter correspondingly higher.

The hourly wages in the Ruhr area or in the east z. B. in Leipzig tend to be lower.

Guide value for calculating the babysitter's hourly wage:

  • Big city (north, e.g. Hamburg): + 0.50 to 1 € / hour.
  • Big city (east, e.g. Leipzig): + 1 € / hour.
  • Big city (south, e.g. Munich): + 2 € / hour.
  • Big city (west, e.g. Cologne): + 0.50 to 1 € / hour.
  • Rural region, difficult to reach by public transport: + 1 to 2 € / hour. or flat-rate travel expenses

Our tip:
If the babysitter is having a hard time getting to you and your children by public transport, you should consider reimbursing your travel expenses. This makes the journey easier and the babysitter does not incur any additional costs, e.g. B. for bus ticket or gasoline. How you ultimately settle this - whether you simply increase the hourly wage or agree on a flat-rate travel allowance - you can clarify individually.


Examples of how to calculate a fair price for babysitters

For a better overview, we have put together some calculation examples below, each of which takes different guide values ​​into account. You too can get a fair hourly wage according to the above. Calculate information for your childcare yourself.

Example 1:Babysitter (17 years) to look after the child in the evening while the child sleeps.
6 to 8 € (remuneration due to age) - 1 € (evening care) = at least 5 €

Example 2:Babysitter (20 years) with a babysitting diploma to look after your child in the afternoon.
€ 9.19 (minimum wage) + € 2 (babysitter diploma) = at least € 11.19

Example 3:Student for picking up 2 children from kindergarten with their own car and subsequent care
€ 9.19 (student) + € 1 (own car) + € 0.25 (additional child) = at least € 10.44


Babysitter hourly wages: all information at a glance

  • The minimum wage applies to all babysitters of legal age (currently € 9.50 / hour)
  • Our recommendation: Register your babysitter at the mini-job center
  • The older and more experienced the childcare, the higher the hourly wage should be set
  • Under 15-year-olds are only allowed to work a few hours with the permission of their legal guardian
  • Demanding additional tasks (driving services, homework supervision) should also be rewarded
  • A fair wage also takes the local wage level into account

All values: as of 2021

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