Why are different colors used in trash cans

What the respective colors of the garbage cans stand for

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Whether the residual waste bin is always the same color in every federal state

Have you ever paid attention to it?

What color is each bin actually?

We clarify the question and explain how the garbage is dealt with.

The colors of the garbage cans at a glance


Almost the only constant in all of Germany when it comes to waste bin color.

The black garbage can is for the residual waste.

No other containers are black.


With the exception of two federal states, every household in Germany has blue bins.

These are intended for paper waste.

But they are also often used for cardboard and packaging material.


Only present in around two thirds of Germans.

Brown stands for organic waste.

The other 30% in Germany use a composter.


Plastic belongs in the yellow bin.

Or in the yellow bag?

Half of all people in Germany have a ton in front of their door, the rest use yellow bags.

The problem with the organic waste bin

Disposal without an existing brown waste bin

Many Germans do not have access to an organic waste bin.

This can be due to these reasons:

- the household has not ordered a container
- you have a composting machine
- the bio bin has been deregistered

Often the organic waste simply flies into the residual waste bin.

Compost heaps as an alternative

If you are not a fan of organic bins or just want to use the garbage yourself, use a compost heap.

In addition, there are also high-quality composters to make the process easier.

Otherwise anyone can make a compost heap.

The basic requirement is a garden or other area with enough space.

In addition, there should be enough distance to the next property to avoid bad smells.

In the best case scenario, the compost heap will provide fertile soil after just one month.

The garbage problem when moving

Due to the fact that every federal state makes and enacts its own laws, it is exactly the same with garbage disposal.

The types, sizes and colors of the garbage cans differ greatly from one another in each federal state.

This can lead to unexpected difficulties when moving, if you have not dealt with the garbage situation beforehand.

The most common size of a garbage can is 120 liters.

However, many federal states also use bins with a volume of 240 liters.

It is best to inquire with the responsible waste disposal office before you move.

4-bin bin box is the optimal solution

To solve the problem of the many garbage cans, simply buy a garbage can box.

You can also simply coordinate with the other co-users.

This creates a good atmosphere between you and your new neighbors.

You can easily see the garbage can box for 4 tons on our website.

We recommend an aluminum box.

If you have little money to spare, you can also purchase a plastic container.

Anthracite is the go-to

Whether as a split box or for your own rubbish bin box, there is no better color than anthracite.

The dark modern design definitely appeals to the eye at first glance.

If in doubt, you can also opt for the slightly lighter gray.