What exactly is a math expression


Term - definition

If numbers, arithmetic symbols, brackets and variables appear in mathematical expressions and these are also meaningfully linked, these expressions are called Terms designated.

variable = Unknown = placeholder for a specific number.
Examples of terms

No terms (because meaningless arithmetic expressions):

Under a term mathematicians understand you meaningful expressioncontaining digits, variables, arithmetic symbols and brackets.

e.g .:


If there is a number in front of a variable, this is called Pre-number or coefficient designated. This can be any rational number, for example: , , , ...

Instead of a 1, often only the variable itself is written, e.g .:

So coefficient denotes the number that is in front of a variable.

E.g. the coefficient of 8x² is 8

Term types

According to the number of terms in a term, one differentiates:

Monomials = single term terms

Binomials = two-part terms

Trinome = tripartite terms

Polynomials = multiple terms

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