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EU exit referendum: "Real direct democracy can only be realized outside the EU!"

Opinion on recent statements by Green MEPs

Zeiselmauer (OTS) - "The outrage over the recent statements of 'green' EU parliamentarians, who called for a ban on referendums on EU issues, is hypocritical, as this demand is only a logical consequence of the entire EU construction itself Completely to blame for this abolition of the self-determination of the peoples who still advocate EU membership ", declares Inge Rauscher, representative of the non-partisan EU exit committee (261,056 people signed the referendum last July).

The "Greens" are now making it publicly clear what deeper-looking observers were already aware of before Austria joined the EU more than twenty years ago: the EU was never about the propagandistically alleged cooperation between nations, but about irreversible abolition of the nation states and thus the disenfranchisement of the peoples and ethnic groups that make them up. All important rights should only be decreed and enforced by the EU central government (EU Commission, EU Council of Heads of State and Government, EU Court of Justice), there are national, binding referendums - as in the non-EU member Switzerland - just in the way. It is well known that, according to serious studies, over 80% of all laws and regulations / guidelines are based on "Brussels"; the national parliaments have no say in this, let alone the peoples of the member states.

Against this background, the criticism of the "Greens" and other political "camps" (e.g. the ÖVP) at the recent referendum in the Netherlands, in which over 61% of the voters are against the acceptance of the Association Treaty of Ukraine with the EU debates. The citizens who have to bear the political effects of such treaties (part of the encirclement of Russia and the associated increased risk of war), as well as their enormous costs, should therefore no longer even be asked!

"Anyone who calls for genuine direct democracy - as in Switzerland - for Austria too, must honestly say that this can only become a reality if the Republic of Austria leaves the EU and regains its independence. Everything else is a gross deception of the Citizens! As soon as the motion for a popular SURVEY on Austria's exit from the EU, submitted by the FPÖ in parliament on January 27, 2016 and supported by a total of 47 MPs, gets a majority in parliament, the way there will be politically feasible for all of Austria, "said Inge Rauscher in conclusion.

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