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Program objective

The aim of the program is to offer students in the fields of architecture, interior design, monument preservation, urban planning / urban development, regional planning, landscape architecture and landscape planning the opportunity to spend a longer study period abroad for further training or to obtain a degree there.

Who can apply?

Can apply:

  • Students in the fields of architecture, interior design, monument preservation, urban planning / urban development, regional planning, landscape architecture and landscape planning who are enrolled at a state-recognized university
  • Graduates from state-recognized universities.
If you are not a German citizen, you can apply under certain conditions: Further information

What is funded?

The following is funded:
a) a study visit without a degree at a university abroad
b) Participation in a postgraduate course (e.g. Master's) with a degree abroad.
A stay can also take place at several host institutions in one country.
If you are planning to stay in several countries, the application deadline of the country in which your stay begins applies. Therefore, please select this country as the "target country" when you start your application in the portal.

Duration of funding

a) One academic year (one academic year, depending on the host country, 2 semesters or 3 trimesters with a maximum of 12 months of funding). An extension is not possible.
b) Depending on the study program, between one academic year (2 semesters or 3 trimesters) and 24 months. The scholarships are awarded for the duration of the standard period of study of the chosen course (maximum 24 months).
In the case of 2-year study programs, further funding is given after the first year of study if the academic achievements you have achieved up to then indicate that you will successfully complete the study within a reasonable time frame. Applicants who are already abroad in the first year of a 2-year postgraduate or master’s course at the time of application can apply for a scholarship for the second year of study up to graduation. An extension of the scholarship is excluded.

Please note that shorter stays or semester stays are not funded in this program. If necessary, there are funding opportunities within the framework of the PROMOS and Erasmus + programs; Information on this is available from the respective home university. Students from universities of applied sciences / universities of applied sciences can apply for shorter study stays abroad in the DAAD program HAW.International: Semester stays and theses for students.

Scholarship benefits

The scholarship includes the following benefits

  • a monthly grant rate determined by the host country
    Here you can see the monthly DAAD scholarship rate for a specific country / status:. In this program, the rates for students / graduates apply. The above-mentioned scholarship rates apply with reservation to scholarships that are awarded for funding in the academic year 2021/2022.
  • Travel allowance depending on the host country
  • Health, accident and personal liability insurance benefits
In addition, under certain conditions, additional benefits can be granted upon request:
  • Grant for any tuition fees incurred up to an upper limit: Further information
  • Subsidy for a language course (national language or language of instruction or working language): Further information
  • Family benefits for accompanying spouses or partners and / or children: Further information
  • Grant for trips in the host country that are directly related to the project (please submit a cost estimate with confirmation from the supervising university professor with the application)
  • In the event of a disability or chronic illness: Subsidy for additional costs due to foreign travel that are not covered by a third party: Further information
Contributions from third parties are partially credited towards the DAAD scholarship (see the explanations in the important scholarship information / Section E).
Note for scholarship holders of the gifted support organizations: Funding through a DAAD scholarship excludes the use of a foreign allowance from the support organization. Continuing domestic services by the funding agencies are fully credited towards the DAAD scholarship for students and graduates.

Important NOTE:

Please note that in the scholarship database ( on the “Contact and further information” tab you can find additional information for certain target countries that is important for the application. These only appear in the printout if you have previously selected the target country in the database!

Application requirements

Application requirements

a) Study abroad without a degree at a university
If you're in a undergraduate degree (e.g. Bachelor, Diploma, etc.), you must at the application deadline at least in the second semester or in the second half of the first year of study at a state or state-recognized university in Germany or abroad or in an accredited undergraduate course of a vocational academy in Germany are located.
Students in undergraduate courses who are at the time of application abroad can be funded under the following conditions:

  • You are staying in the host country for less than one academic year at the application deadline and would like to continue your studies there;
  • You are studying at a university abroad and you are applying to study at a university in a third country.

If you're in a postgraduate course (e.g. Master’s), you must be enrolled at a university in Germany at the latest at the beginning of the funding period.

b) Participation in a postgraduate course (e.g. Master's) with a degree abroad
  • You must have passed a final examination before starting the scholarship.
  • Your university degree or exam must not be more than five years ago when the application deadline, unless there are special reasons (see important scholarship information / Section A, point 5). If a Bachelor's and Master's degree have already been obtained, the deadline counts from the time of the Master's degree.
For graduates who are at the time of application abroad the following rules apply:
- If you completed your studies in Germany and are abroad at the time of application, you can apply for a master’s degree in your current country of residence, provided that you have not been living in this country for more than one year at the application deadline. An application for a university in a third country is possible regardless of the length of stay abroad.
- If you have completed your studies in Germany and have been studying for a maximum of one academic year in the host country by the application deadline, you can apply to continue your master’s degree in the host country.
- If you have completed your studies abroad and are staying abroad at the time of application, you can generally only apply for a stay in a third country. For further funding in the host country, there must be special reasons that arise from the project.
Please research the information relevant to the feasibility of the project yourself (e.g. fulfillment of the admission requirements, possible conflicting residence and travel formalities). We provide some important information for you on the DAAD country pages. Applicants are responsible for compliance with deadlines at foreign universities that may come before the results of the scholarship selection (e.g. enrollment deadlines).
Applicants who want to do a doctorate with a practical focus should also apply with the required work samples and by the specified date in this program. In this case, the same conditions apply to them as to applicants in the Research Grants for Doctoral Students program.

The award of a scholarship for one academic year is limited to one time per training phase (which ends with the taking of the corresponding final examination).

Selection process

The DAAD convenes a selection committee composed according to subject-specific criteria, to which university professors belong. They assess the submitted applications. After an initial pre-selection on the basis of the submitted documents, the successful applicants are invited to a personal introduction to the DAAD selection committee, where they present their work samples (information on the work samples to be prepared for the personal introduction can be found under "Application documents" in the "Application procedure" tab).

The DAAD continuously monitors developments regarding the coronavirus and flexibly adapts its activities to changing situations. At the moment it is not foreseeable whether we can invite you to a personal presentation in front of the selection committee.

Selection criteria

  • the academic qualification, measured in terms of study performance and work samples
  • the quality of the project as measured by the curriculum and letter of motivation; The quality of the project includes the following aspects: the justification of the application, the plausibility and feasibility of the project, the status of the preparation for the stay abroad, the integration of the stay in the academic career and the connection with academic or professional perspectives
  • linguistic and regional knowledge
  • Extra-professional knowledge, interests and extra-curricular involvement

Application process

Application documents

1. Documents to be uploaded individually in the DAAD portal:

  • Online application form
  • Tabular CV
  • Study plan (max. 5 pages): Detailed description of the study project
  • Letter of motivation (max. 2 pages): Presentation of the professional and personal motives for the planned study project
  • Applicants in the bachelor's degree (or equivalent): A list of all exercises and seminars attended to date (including credit points and grades according to ECTS). If necessary, intermediate and preliminary examination certificates; if these are only issued after the application documents have been submitted, the documents must be submitted unsolicited.
  • Applicants who want to go abroad during their postgraduate studies or who want to complete a postgraduate degree with a degree: Graduation certificate with individual grades, if already available at the time of application. Otherwise, submission of a list of all exercise and seminar events attended up to that point (transcript of records, including credit points and grades according to ECTS), as well as subsequent submission of the final certificate by the time the scholarship starts at the latest.
  • Certificate of university entrance qualification (Abitur, technical college entrance qualification, etc.) with individual grades.
  • Admission of the foreign host university for the desired course of study. Please note that you are responsible for applying for admission to the host university in due time. If the application has not yet been approved, it must be submitted before the start of the scholarship.
  • Proof of language proficiency: Proof (in the case of several target countries, several certificates) of your current knowledge of the relevant language (s) of instruction or working; in the case of field research also the national language; At the application deadline, the evidence must not be older than 2 years. In any case, please submit either the DAAD language certificate form or another language certificate recognized by the DAAD. The DAAD language certificate form must be issued by the respective (foreign) lecturer or an authorized examiner from the language center or department for the respective foreign language. Here you will find a handout for editors and language centers to fill out the form. Proof of language proficiency can only be waived in very specific exceptional cases. Please read our important scholarship information (A.9 to A.15).
2. To be submitted by post:
  • A current report from a university lecturer that provides information about your qualifications. Please be sure to note the information on the "To the application" tab.
  • Architects, including interior designers, submit up to ten A4 pages of excerpts from drawing projects and drafts (they will be returned upon request after the selection); A pre-selection can take place on the basis of these documents.
  • City and regional planners submit work (e.g. presentations) with their application that shows that they have already dealt with planning processes.
  • Applicants from the field of monument preservation submit a meaningful selection of drawings of completed building surveys.
In order to ensure a clear assignment to your electronic application, please be sure to include the printout of the first page of the application form with your mailing, which will be automatically sent to you with the confirmation of receipt upon receipt of your electronic application.

Current note on application deadlines until December 31, 2021: Due to the current pandemic situation, applications can be submitted without an application review.

If you are invited to a personal presentation in front of the selection committee, you must bring the following work samples with you:
  • three drafts on a scale corresponding to the object, shown in floor plan, site plan, sections, views and / or perspectives - of which at least one independent (not group) work (draft, analysis, planning work),
  • Photos of work already carried out.

Application deadline

The application deadlines are updated at least once a year. In most cases, they are in the same period as in the previous year. The current dates can be found here:
November 02, 2021
Funding starts on March 1st of the following year at the earliest
An application for study or internship stays in certain countries is not possible due to the general security situation. Please note the following information. Since the security situation in many countries does not have a uniform level, please inform yourself on the website of the Federal Foreign Office in particular about the partial travel warnings and contact the responsible DAAD department to find out whether funding is possible at your desired location.

Note on the application documents

Incomplete applications will not be considered by the DAAD. You are responsible for completeness. The postmark applies to the timely mailing of any reports that may have to be submitted.
Privacy: Application documents remain with the DAAD and become its property. Your personal data will be stored by the DAAD in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act and the EU General Data Protection Regulation, insofar as they are necessary to process the application or the scholarship. The documents of unsuccessful applicants will be deleted after a reasonable period of time.

Contact and further information

Contact and further information

Here you will find important information about DAAD scholarships
Counter scholarships: Some foreign governments make scholarship funds available to the DAAD as part of this DAAD scholarship program (so-called “counter-scholarships”). The counter-scholarships are generally used with priority. First of all, all applicants go through the selection process provided for DAAD scholarships. The nomination process that follows in the case of target countries with a counter-scholarship offer is mandatory for applicants. Applicants use the online form in the DAAD portal to declare their consent to the transfer of application documents to the foreign office. If the scholarship payments from the foreign government are below the amount determined by the DAAD, the counter-scholarship will be increased accordingly - provided and as long as additional funds are available. Any additional scholarships offered may be awarded to applicants following in the ranking without increasing the number. The nomination process for counter-scholarships varies greatly depending on the target country and can lead to longer lead times. The applicants concerned will be informed about the details of the nomination process and any documents to be submitted after the selection at the latest.
You can find additional country-specific information for your program here:

If necessary, you will find information on higher education and training in the desired target country here |
Have you read the program description in detail and still have questions? Then you might find your answer under the important information on DAAD scholarships.
If your question could not be answered, please use the contact form of the DAAD Info Center and send us an inquiry. We will answer you as soon as possible.
The Info Center also offers advice over the phone on +49 (228) 882-180 at the following times:
Monday to Thursday: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Friday: 9 am-2pm

To the application

The application for this scholarship is made online via the DAAD portal.
Access to the portal is usually opened no later than 6 weeks before the application deadline.
Please note that no more applications will be accepted after the application deadline specified in the advertisement.

The application process step by step

  • Register on the DAAD portal (read instructions for registering on the portal)
  • Apply online in the DAAD portal (read application instructions in the portal)
  • Request expert opinion in the DAAD portal (if necessary, see section "Application documents" on the tab "Application procedure")
    You generate the form to be filled out by the reviewer in the DAAD portal under the heading "Request review" as a writable PDF. Please send the form to your reviewer by email with the request to fill out the form and forward it directly to the DAAD.
    Please note that the appraisal form in the portal can only be generated during the application period (from approx. 6 weeks before the application deadline).
    Please create an expert opinion form for each expert.

Please send documents to be submitted by post to the DAAD, Kennedyallee 50, 53175 Bonn.

If you have any technical questions or problems, the technical portal hotline will help you on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at (+49) 228 / 882-8888 or by email at [email protected]
Please plan the availability of the hotline in your application.