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17 Tips for Better Search Engine Placement


Tip # 10: web hosting

Probably one of the most important and at the same time most underestimated aspects of search engine optimization.

The loading time of a website now not only has a significant influence on the Conversion ratebut also on the organic Search engine rankings.

In fact, that is true of e-commerce websites Loading times over 3 seconds for one Drop in conversions by approx. 50% to care.
This is partly because we interact with the websites of companies such as Facebook, YouTube and Co. on a daily basis.

These companies are aware of the constantly growing impatience of their users and provide a remedy through numerous server parks and the associated performance.

So nobody has to wait longer than a second after he or she has clicked a link.

Google therefore prefers fast websites and shops and rewards them with a top 10 ranking rather than websites with the same content and longer loading times.

The first (and most important) factor influencing loading time is web hosting.
There is a large selection on the market - you can often find hosting packages for less than € 5 a month.

This is of course particularly tempting for companies with a small marketing budget.
Cheap hosters lure with low prices and “a lot” performance, as well as many domains.

From the consumer's point of view, it is therefore all too logical that the cheapest provider is chosen for hosting your own domain.

Between us: most of the websites out there are neither up to date nor GDPR compliant or optimized for search engines. It doesn't matter whether the website loads in 2 or 10 seconds. Leads or sales are not generated via these pages anyway.

However, if you want to conquer Google's organic rankings, you shouldn't save on hosting.


Why is shared hosting bad for SEO?

I don't want to say that shared hosting for € 2-3 a month is bad - there are certainly target groups for whom such an offer is sufficient. For example, if the website cannot or should not be monetized (e.g. for clubs).

I just want to say that someone with commercial or commercial intentions should also be prepared to invest money in appropriate hosting, as otherwise OnPage measures are mostly pointless.

A brief case study

Just imagine the following: You pay an SEO agency to optimize your website.
However, the rankings are developing slowly and you will notice a high bounce rate on your pages.
Something like that not only creates a bad mood with the customer, but also with the agency.
It has 0% influence on web hosting and has to work with what is offered to it.

So if the page is optimized, but the PageSpeed ​​is still poor, the culprit for the poor loading time could be the server.

Better rankings through high-performance hosting

We once had a case like this with one of our customers. This customer really wanted to keep his 2 € hosting with a very well-known German hoster instead of paying almost 20 € for us to host his website on one of our servers.

From the consumer's point of view, his skepticism may be completely justified - why pay 10 times as much a month for the (apparently) “same” service?

The fact is, however, that the server on which his website was running had a response time of over 5 seconds (+ approx. Half a second for loading the website).

So his visitors had to wait about 6 seconds after each click until something happened.
No wonder the bounce rate was around 80%.

After moving to one of our agency servers, its total loading time suddenly came to approx. 450 ms, so one very significant improvement.

Of course, this quickly became noticeable in the rankings and conversions - both showed a significant increase within a few weeks.

Little performance for little performance

You have to be aware that if you only pay 5 € per month for hosting, you will only get service worth 5 €.

After talking to the support team of his old host, we found out that there is almost 20,000 customers share a server.Who is still surprised if the server takes several seconds for an answer?


In conclusion: if you want maximum PageSpeed, you should be prepared to invest a few euros a month.
The money is usually back in quickly.