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Research methods in psychology and social sciences for bachelor's

Quantitative and qualitative methods are the foundation of all social sciences and are therefore ubiquitous in studies. The "methodology" is not easy for many, especially when learning has to be done under time and success pressure. But wait: everyone can understand the research methods! This book offers an easy introduction and a comprehensive overview of all important processes, their areas of application, strengths and weaknesses.

The book is compact and yet complete: In addition to basic information on scientific work, hypotheses, variables and much more, the most important quantitative and qualitative methods are described in detail and - following the current trend - combinations of both, the so-called mixed methods. The second edition has been updated and some new aspects have been added, e.g. data collection on the Internet or neuroscientific methods.

Everything is prepared in a learning-friendly way: with case studies, definitions, tips for practice, learning goals, control questions and in-depth literature. The accompanying website at www.lehrbuch-psychologie.de provides free learning tools for students as well as images and slide sets for lecturers to download.

For students of psychology and social sciences as well as for everyone who is looking for an understandable introduction to research methods.